The Will of D​

What is a Will?​ Wills are passed on after death; a will is an instruction or task imposed on a specific person(s), and in some cases, a will is an unfinished project or goal left to be inherited and completed by a successor. exmaple: Will Of D – One Piece

Theme of Wills and Dreams​

These are things that can’t cannot be stopped; inherited wills, the destiny of an age and the dreams of its people. As long as people continue to pursue the meaning of freedom, these things will never cease to be! – Gol D. Roger

Roger is basically saying man will eventually die due to the flow of time (ageing); in contrast, the abstract, concepts like “Dreams” and “Wills” which lack the substance and vitality of man (life) never die as long as time goes on because others will inevitably have similar dreams and aspirations, or they’ll be inspired through stories; It inherently makes these abstract concepts immortal as they cannot be killed. More so since the idea is simple and ubiquitous in the sense it doesn’t require being informed or educated about in form of anecdote; people naturally gravitate and yearn for freedom.

An example would be Calgara’s promise to Norland; the Shandians and SHs heard this 400 year old story of Calgara and were inspired to carry it out. As Calagar’s desire was carried out, we can expect the Will of D to follow suit.

Why the ‘Will of D’ Exists​

Remember, the Ancient Kingdom (the D’s Kingdom) were wiped out because they held strongly to a philosophy and ideal that threatened the WG’s ideals and agenda. The Ancient Kingdom were at war with 20 kingdoms, this war climaxed in its 100ᵗʰ year where they were defeated. Preparatory for immiment defeat, a contingency plan was put in place in the form of messages left on indestructible blocks called Poneglyphs to ensure the records of these events (along with other things) wouldn’t be lost and in the hope of a worthy successor acquainting themselves with this knowledge to bring on change and challenge the establishment.

Who Created the Will?​

The originator of this Will is Joyboy (the Ancient Kingdom’s representative); he had Noah built for a specific purpose, but due to inability to carry this out, he had a promise written on a Poneglyphs sent from himself to Fishman Island. He let them know he wouldn’t be able to carry out his promise most likely because the Ancient Kingdom was about to be destroyed, but he assured the people of Fishman Island to patiently wait for a successor in his stead.

The D. Initial & Voice of All Things​

Before this goes amiss, bare in mind that Joyboy devised the inscriptions that were written on the Poneglyph currently situated at Fishman Island; the fact that he was able to pass on messages in this language mean he’s from the Ancient Kingdom; anyone capable of messaging in this foreign language (the Ancient Language) is unequivocally a descendant of this Kingdom; the implications are Gol D. Roger who possessed Voice of All Things (VOAT) which enabled him to interpret the language is also descendant of this Kingdom.

We’ve come to find that Monkey D. Luffy also possesses this ability that Roger possessed enabling him to understand the Ancient Language, and it’s unlikely to be coincidence that both Roger and Luffy bare the D initial. With that said, it’s fair to conclude as previously stated:

  • That Joyboy is a D.

  • All Ds are descendants of the Ancient Kingdom.

  • and it’s not too farfetched to infer that Voice of All Things ability is a gift that Ds have the potential to awaken.

Is there a Prophecy?​

One of the most explicit panels prophetically occurs in Marineford; Whitebeard proclaims that someone will challenge World Government carrying the hidden history of the world in order to bring Freedom to the world that is subjugated by the World Government (who are controlled by Tenryuubito/Celestial Dragons).

Is there a “Chosen” One?​

There’s been explicit remarks made about a chosen person (cliché). At Marineford war of the best, Whitebeard in his death said someone will rise to challenge the World Government and Otohime repeating Joyboy’s promise mentions a chosen one who will change the world; it’s quite evident that this chosen individual, is none other than Luffy himself as Whitebeard also lets us know Teach is not the one Roger was waiting for implying there is a certain someone. Interestingly enough, Whitebeard later on in the war makes his crew support Luffy after entertaining the possibility he could be the one.

Suppression: D. Initial

To suppressed something is to fear that thing. There are certain things which the World Government have tried to bury.

  • The Poneglyphs which are from the Ancient Kingdom.

  • The name of the Ancient Kingdom.

A trend is taking shape regarding things that are heavily concealed by the World Government and they’re all related to the Ancient Kingdom. The other thing the World Government have tried to keep secretive from the world is:

  • The D. initial.

Not only do the Gorosei vocalise an aversion to this initial being in the public ear, it draws more suspicion when it becomes realised that Gol D. Roger’s name was altered into “Gold Roger”. Supposing one noticed the change in name, it would easily be brushed under the carpet as nothing more than an initial error, but this goes to give credence to the notion it is indeed suppressed meaning there’s a connection to be made.


This draws us to conclude or come to entertain the belief that the D. initial may be or is related to the Ancient Kingdom. With some reasonable bold assumptions, just maybe those from the D. initial are from the Ancient Kingdom.

Pretty fittingly, should we question why Whitebeard aimed to groom Ace into being Pirate King? or why Shanks chose Luffy? We’re to lead to the idea that the Ds are the ones destined to fulfil this will and why those who bare this name are so important being so strongly related to the prophecy.

What is the ‘Will of D’ Advocating?​

The Will of D is ultimately advocating Freedom. If we go back to Luffy’s childhood and follow his progression since he became a Pirate, his motivation is freedom. The reason he even wants to be Pirate King is to be the freest man alive just like Roger.

Though, his personal freedom in the scheme of things isn’t the focus point, what’s important is the world around him. The slavery that’s been going on for 100s of years , the inhumane crimes committed and the racism this is in essence, a fight for Freedom for all mankind irregardless of race.


Another interesting aspect of Luffy’s adventures and the D bearers whom have been associated with becoming Pirate King and finding One Piece is, they possess a powerful affinity with fate. When it comes to being favoured by fate, no one holds a candle to Luffy in this respect in the sense that it always aligns things in his favour and this also manifests in his peculiar ability to conveniently gain allies with little to no effort as seen in every arc.

As the Prophecy stated, an individual will lead the world into great change, and such a feat requires that this individual possess an ability to draw allies which Mihawk touched on, and many examples of this is highlighted in every arc:

  • Luffy at the battle of Marineford… all the way from Impel Down was being assisted by a Revolutionary Captain, and then assisted by the crew of an Emperor? That’s outrageously unusual.

  • At Fishman Island… Luffy was able to gain the support of Merfolk whom through history have feared humans and thus, despised them, support him in his aid to take down another Merfolk, pretty ironic.

  • Luffy liberating Dressrosa and the Tontatas was… again, due to his charismatic nature. He had powerful Pirates whom he had defeated (despite hating him and bearing grudges) on their own choice, choose to ally with him, and even forcefully escalated this temporary alliance into a permanent one.

This is why wherever Luffy goes, he is always successful. He just happens to get involved at the perfect time and right circumstances.


To conclude, the Will of D is the Will of the Ancient Kingdom which originates from Joyboy. Joyboy is from the Ancient Kingdom and everyone who has the “D” initial is a descendant of this Kingdom.

One day, someone with the D. initial (who is certainly not Teach) will fulfil Joyboy’s mission in Fishman Island which I’m sure is to carry Fishmen to the surface (as will be the case for other races like the Minks) and to liberate the world at large; this will entail opposing the World Government and ending their tyrannical oppression over the world.

In the lead to fulfilling this will, Luffy’s manipulation via fate is the epicentre of all this progression to enable him to bring about Freedom to the World and ultimately, enjoy more adventures in the company of his Nakama.

Credits – HPsyche

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