Hey, guys hope you are having an amazing day. I am back again with a theory about Why Luffy would have only 5 gears and not more? But before we begin, let me warn you that this article contains spoilers for both Manga and Anime. Let’s Begin!

You know Luffy’s gears are like a usual car’s transmitter. With 5 gears.

And also the human body has 12 systems in fact, but 5 of them are the main.

Cardiovascular System

Musculoskeletal System

Muscular System

Neural System

Sensory System

And this is how its like in Gears:

GEAR N/1ST – Luffy’s basic form – Sensory System (Sights, Listening, Smelling, Touching and Tasting)


GEAR 2ND – Cardiovascular System (Vessels)

Luffy Gear Second

GEAR 3RD – Musculoskeletal System (Bones)

Luffy Gear Third

GEAR 4TH – Muscular System (Muscles)

Luffy Gear Fourth

GEAR 5TH – FINAL – Neural System (Nerves)

Luffy Gear Fifth

Actually, Gear 5th needs 1000x more blood pump & 2x more air blow. But before Luffy would use that amount of pressure, he needs to get angry… HARD.

And only a real tough situation can bring this statement out of him, ex. a death of a crewmate or a real close friend.

And in addition, the Neural system is a COMPLEX system, which controls all the 11 other systems (Heart-nerves, respiratory-nerves, etc.)

And if the average human gets angry, then the heart is pumping the blood 2x faster and takes the breath faster than before. But this would be a slow process at Luffy like he would be doing Gear 2nd for a day!

So in other words, it will be impossible to release it on Wano arc against Kaidou, because he couldn’t get as angry as he should. And in addition, I can see it being released on Raftel against Blackbeard because the powers of Gear 5th would be equal with the powers of the Gura Gura no Mi.

Which means, Gear 5th as the final Gear of Luffy would be equal with the 5x of Buster Call and that’s a whole new level. and I can just see that Luffy is releasing his awakened form against Kaidou, but against Blackbeard, Luffy wouldn’t be a match for him at all. If BB would get Kaidou’s powers and go against Luffy on Raftel with 3 Devil Fruits!

Luffy Shrink

Not to mention about the side effect of Gear 5th. Because Gear 2nd’s side effect is exhaustion. Gear 3rd’s side effect is shrinkage and Gear 4th’s side effect is muscle paralysis and loss of haki for 10 minutes. And since Gear 5th is a whole new level, the user would die if he uses that too many times. Let’s just say, the side effect of Gear 5th is based off on the Neural diseases: Coma or sudden death because of the high blood and air pressure (1000x more blood pump & 2x more air blow). And the first use of Gear 5th will put Luffy into a short coma (22 hours actually)

So… During the 10-year-time skip, it will be getting mastered with all of his gears with the awakened form. And he will reveal the perfect form of Gear 5th against the World Government in the final arc (MARIEJOIS SAGA) because the incomplete form of Gear 5th is going to be released on Raftel against Blackbeard for the very first time.

Let me know what do you think!!! ~ZEHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Hope you liked this little theory article about Why Luffy would have only 5 gears and not more? If you do not agree with the points I represented in the article and have some of your own opinions, then let us know in the comment section below and Keep visiting Buzzerspace for latest news and information about Anime world, anime and manga recommendation, Manga spoilers plus theories, and Movies. Peace!

Theory by Monkey_D_Bufford



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