Hey, guys hope you are having an amazing day. I am back again with a theory about What is One Piece. But before we begin, let me warn you that this article contains spoilers for both Manga and Anime.Let’s Begin!


Roger, besides being Pirate King, was well known for the wealth he had accumulated. Prior to his death, he’s questioned as to the whereabouts of his wealth where he proceeds to gives a rather cryptic response, and it is this wealth that he accumulated that is the One Piece. Is it just a wealth? No, but it’s evidence of a secret that if revealed is detrimental to a certain group’s reputation, but… to which group exactly? To the World Government as Whitebeard echoes out publicly with his dying breathe.

The Consequences of Searching and Finding One Piece

As much of a mystery One Piece (the Manga) is, and can be, there are hints spread and laid out giving out the answers. Sometimes the answers are explicit, while they can also be implied, and pretty convincingly at that. Without digressing, Whitebeard reveals what exactly occurs if One Piece is found, and the prospects of finding One Piece are eerily akin to researching the Poneglyphs.

  • Poneglyphs reveal the discovery of an untold history which brings to light the rather despicable acts of 20 Kingdoms (World Government).

  • Poneglyphs reveal the existence of a strange Ancient Kingdomy which was great (then destroyed).

  • and the Poneglyphs reveal location to Ancient Weapons which hold the power to destroy the world.

What Whitebeard is prophesying here has to be the truth, why? because the World Government have conveniently banned research on Poneglyphs implying they’re concealing a truth. If learning the truth is going to cause revolt, then it means the WG is misleading (by deception and falsification of evidence) to keep their allies loyal and the world at their feet. This essentially tells us that the WG is evil because no organisation who triumphs over an evil enemy will keep their success (which should be advocating Justice and should be celebrated) a secret, but rather, boast about it and inspire future generations.

To reiterate again, One Piece is a standard treasure, however, it’s important to understand that it leads to the Poneglyph which is clearly stated to have ramifications such as initiating a world wide revolt and war against the WG if learnt of and revealed.

The Great Age of Piracy​

Roger’s death became the basis of many people’s goals & ambitions which is to find One Piece. The search for One Piece turned many into leading a life of Piracy, aiming to go to the Grand Line to walk in Roger’s footsteps in the hopes that they’d eventually find the One Piece. Unfortunately, there are many obstacles on the way to One Piece, first being getting into the Grand Line. Luckily for Luffy, he was able to escape a death sentence from Buggy, and slip through Smoker’s grasp, thereby successfully continuing on with his adventure.

Understanding the Poneglyph

The problem is just encountering a Poneglyph isn’t good enough, interpreting what it says is necessary, or else, it’s not useful. There are ways to decipher these cube shaped objects, one is by education from Oharan Scholars, and even then, only those with great intellectual ability like Nico-Robin are capable of learning it. Another method exists which is unknown to the WG, it’s the method by which Roger was able to understand these Poneglyphs, and that’s with the ability called VOAT (Voice of All Things).

VOAT (Voice Of All Things)

As the spoiler above shows, VOAT has the ability to let one communicate with Sea-Kings, this is a feat specially reserved for the Ancient Weapon Poseidon; VOAT is also the ability to hear the words transcribed on the Poneglyph which Rayleigh mentions to Robin when curious as to how Roger understood the language; with such an ability, one has the capability to not just decipher the Poneglyph without intellectual gift, but to also command Sea Kings assuming Poseidon gave them the order to obey a VOAT user. Deciphering the Poneglyph is how the way to One Piece (literally the Void Century), Raftel and the Ancient Weapon can be learnt or found.

Digressing a bit, VOAT has being demonstrated by Luffy and Roger who bare the D initial, this implies that the ability is attributed to all those who bare the D name. Were this to be true, it shows how dangerous those with the initial are, and explains why the WG would like to keep the initial a secret from the world. Coincidentally, while the D initial is being kept secret from the public in as much as can be, so is the existence of the Ancient Kingdom and its name which hints that the Ancient Kingdom is the country that the D come from.

Ancient Weapons


Ancient Weapons (found via Poneglyph) are weapons capable of destroying the world, 3 of them exist and the WG fear their revival. These Ancient Weapons will probably very likely be vital in defeating the WG as the prophecy supposes.

Surprisingly enough, there’s a Prophecy recited by Otohime, but originating from Joyboy, that Poseidon the Ancient Weapon called Shirahoshi will be guided by a special individual, and he will guide her in the right way, and this individual will be key in bringing change to the world; Whitebeard’s prophecy is also similar to this prophecy as they both require the WG being uprooted from power to transpire.


Raftel is confused to have been at the end of the Grand Line where all Magnetic fields converge into 1 field. Crocus stated that Raftel is the last island to reach, not the Island where all the Magnetic fields converge. Roger’s crew is the only set of individuals to reach Raftel in the centuries, therefore, it wouldn’t make sense if one could get there simply by using a Log Pose, but via Poneglyph only.

Very few people such as the Pirate King and Robin were privy to the existence of Raftel? why? because they had learned the name off the Poneglyphs. Therefore, even reaching One Piece which is at Raftel, is only possible if one can decipher them. It’s implied that Raftel is unknown knowledge to the public because when Usopp hears Crocus say Roger’s crew were there, Usopp said “that Island” insinuating it’s the first time he’s heard of Raftel. Only those who reached Raftel learnt of the Void Century indicating that they only got there guidance from the Poneglyph.

The Void Century

The Tenryuubito are the founders of the WG, because of this fact, they commit acts worthy of being labelled criminals, but due to their status, it’s acceptable. The 20 Kings of the Kingdoms moved to Mariejoise except for the Nerferteri family, changed their titles to Tenryuubito after forming the organisation known as the WG. As a result of moving to Mariejoise, they appointed kings to vicariously rule in their stead while they ascended and lived as Tenryuubito or “gods”.

The Tontattas, a tribe of Dwarves were at war with the Donquixote family, a member of the 20 Kingdoms who oppressed them. Their war with the Donquixote started 900 years ago, the beginning of the Void Century. The Donquixote King made a deal with them, but instead, took advantage of their naive good-willed nature, and then subjugated them to a life of slavery. This is a glimpse of the Void Century, but it depicts nicely just how shrewd and inhumane these people are; Poneglyphs reveal such information, the Tontattas are just 1 of many victims.

Who Trusts Liars?

The World Government have founded their organisation on lies, deception and violence. They claim credit for heroic acts, turn blind eye to injustice, and conceal the truth as long as their image remains intact, and the general public continue to have faith in them. What will happen when all the nations supporting the WG find out they’re being lied to? They’ll stop trusting them, endorsing them, allying with them and ultimately pushing to overthrow them, and this is why One Piece is Dangerous.

Will of D

The Will of D has been right under our noses; it’s Roger’s Will, Luffy’s Will, and Joyboy’s Will; It’s the Will (and to be more accurate, the IDEAL) of the Ancient Kingdom, and the entire theme of One Piece, Freedom. When Whitebeard spoke about the prophecy, was it something that he learnt himself? It was Roger who lectured him on the Will of D, and this Will is exactly what he uttered before he died, and that is to bring down the WG in order to stop slavery, create a world where people could be free to travel the world without fear of prejudice and a world where people of all races and species were united as were the sentiments of Mermaid Otohime, and all other races in an ideal world.


One Piece is wealth Roger added unto a 800 year old artefact to lead a certain person into finding out the secret of the world (Rio-Ponelglyph) which has been in existence for 800+ years; Roger’s wealth leads people to this 800+ years old artefact that the WG do not want found under any circumstances.

One Piece was very well planned out, it’s a document that has been passed on from 800 years ago to incite and stimulate an ideal that will finally be carried out by Luffy. Roger needs be credited for creating the lure to draw people in to seeking out this truth (artefact). Roger became Pirate King because he wanted Freedom more than anything else, his adventures revealed that there was something greater than his own Freedom, and that’s the Freedom of everyone.

Hope you liked this little theory article about What is One Piece. If you do not agree with the points I represented in the article and have some of your own opinions, then let us know in the comment section below and Keep visiting Buzzerspace for latest news and information about Anime world, anime and manga recommendation, Manga spoilers plus theories, and Movies. Peace!

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