The conception of One Piece. It all dates back to the Void Century (which as a term is self explanatory). It’s a 100 year period in which the activities that took place are unknown, and is kept secret from the world at large. However, reading the Manga carefully, we’re given details as to what exactly took place within this period in time and I’ll be elaborating on the key points, and then piece everything together in attempt to make sense out of all the chaos. I’ll be centring the Void Century around:

  • The Ancient Kingdom

  • and Joyboy during the Void Century

Ancient Kingdom​

The Ancient Kingdom was a nation that prided itself on its knowledge and power, they were extremely successful ; unfortunately, this Kingdom was destroyed to an extent where evidence is scarce or non-existent . Though they were a powerful nation, they were defeated by 20 kingdoms (who merged and identify themselves as the Tenryuubito) who formed the World Government.

They possessed or had links to Ancient Weapons, and weapons of this nature hold within them, the capacity to destroy the world ; not only do they possess a weapon capable of changing the world, what ultimately led to their apparent extinction is their ideals and philosophy which the 20 kingdoms during the Void Century found to be a threat to their own ideals.

As a result of being a threat, they got wiped out and the World Government has made it their sworn duty to make sure that nothing about this kingdom emerges to the public; conducting research is even regarded as a criminal offence. Whether the 20 Kingdom were right in their decision to wage war against this Ancient Kingdom and annihilate them, we will soon know.

In their demise, they left a parting gift that are inscribed on indestructible stone cubes known as Poneglyph . Only archaeologists blessed with outstanding intellect can decipher them, or those gifted with the “Voice of all things” ability.

The Kingdom’s Name?​​

This is a detail that I’ve personally been unable to find, and due to the lack of clues, the name is currently unknown. However, it’s important to note that while Dr. Clover was giving his hypothesis which made out the World Government to be this evil organisation inadvertently painting himself as a conspiracy theorist, notice, he only gets shot whilst in the process of naming this fictionally kingdom. Seemingly, the reason they allow him to rant on is because his claim can be excused as an act of desperation, but only to the point he was going to utter this Kingdom’s name.

As I highlighted, he gets shot only whilst in the process of naming this kingdom that they’ve made out to be fiction. A lost city’s description , it’s ambiguous and doesn’t draw interest otherwise; giving such an ambiguous thing a name such as, Atlantis, it officially has identity and one can then make reference to it. This act essentially makes it real and incites intrigue, and intrigue leads to research, research leads to the truth, and this is the last thing the WG would want.

You can always ridicule and dismiss something that’s ambiguous and vague, but as soon it’s associated or branded with a name, it by nature has an identity, that changes everything and makes it somewhat real in a sense; this is why the Gorosei wouldn’t take chances and ordered for his instant execution.

Joyboy (During Void Century)​​​

Joyboy is a man from the Void Century, therefore, he’s in essence the linchpin regarding understanding the Void Century. The Ancient Kingdom had Poneglyphs delivered across the One Piece world to various places before their defeat; Joyboy had a Poneglyph delivered to Fishman Island , this solidifies the fact that he’s indeed from the Ancient Kingdom due to the relation between his presence and activities.

Besides his origins, actions speak louder than words, so what exactly was this message he needed to relay so desperately before the imminent demise of the Ancient Kingdom? We’re told it’s an apology making clear his inability to fulfil the promise he made to a living Ancient Weapon, Poseidon, who is a mermaid with the ability to control Sea Kings, born every few centuries.

The promise he made was to guide the “Poseidon” along the right path leading the world to great change , however, he left this duty to someone else who will come in his stead to fulfil this promise as he was caught up in the war between the Ancient Kingdom and 20 Kingdoms. It’s also important to note that he had a great ship, Noah, built, to be pulled by the Sea Kings based on its design; it seems his plan was to carry the Merfolk to the surface to live side by side with humans after successfully putting to a stop to the 20 Kingdom’s agenda of advocating and enforcing slavery.

In short, Joyboy’s wish or will is the will of D in itself. It’s just waiting for this will to be carried out, but this will be explained in greater detail in future.

Joyboy (The Merfolk​)​​​

Queen Otohime of the Merfolk strongly desired co-operation and unity with the humans , but due to racism and oppression from humans (the Kings from this 20 Kingdoms) , the Merfolk were restricted to living below the surface out of fear . Up until 200 years ago, they were to a much greater degree subjected to lives of slavery.

The Tontatta Tribe​​​​

The Tontattas, a tribe of Dwarves were at war with the Donquixote family who were once a member of the 20 Kingdoms who oppressed them; their war with the Donquixote started 900 years ago, the beginning of the Void Century and one that occurred during the Void Century.

The Donquixote King made a deal, but instead took advantage of their naive good-willed nature, and subjugated them to a life of slavery exploiting them .

This theme of slavery is quite prevalent during the Void Century; even after the Void Century, history is still riddled with this barbarism.

Poseidon & Pluton

Joyboy was friends with Poseidon, an Ancient Weapon who possessed the power to destroy the world  ; due to the relationship between Poseidon and Joyboy, Posiedon was inscribed on the Poneglyph.

Pluton, a War-Ship capable of destroying the world too ; it was built by Shipwrights and on testing it’s power, they concluded it’s power was far too great for any side to use (whether for good or evil) due to its capacity to destroy the world – they concluded whomever took control of this weapon would end up destroying the world as that is what a weapon of such capacity will inevitably do . As a result of this, they entrusted Pluton to the Ancient Kingdom, therefore, the reason it’s inscribed upon the Poneglyph.

Uranus, all that is currently know is that it is inscribed on the Poneglyph. We however know that it most definitely is capable of destroying the world too .

Still Defeated

The biggest mystery so far is why the Ancient Kingdom lost despite owning of absolute power; we can also conclude the WG of that time bore witness to the power of Pluton because they said they don’t want it revived or to make a return as they’re incapable of opposing this power.

It should be noted that the World Government are only aware of Pluton’s existence, but not the other Ancient Weapons which is why they’re neither in search of Poseidon or Uranus, but only Pluton as we infer by King Neptune’s statement and the fact their only objective regarding Ancient Weapons has been only Pluton.

Therein lies the conundrum… how does a Kingdom with knowledge of and in alliance with Ancient Weapon lose to a World Government who we know will meet certain defeat in the event they’re to contend against an Ancient Weapon (Pluton) as Crocodile & the Gorosei inform us ?

It becomes quite apparent why the Ancient Kingdom lost. Poseidon possessing so much power is merely tasked with the role of simply moving a ship, Noah; Pluton is being hidden from organisations like the WG and alike; it appears as though the Ancient Kingdom were pacifists and didn’t want to solve problems via conflict, and as a result, met their demise. Otherwise, the World Government would most certainly have been defeated.


Finally, concerning the premise that the Ancient Kingdom possibly destroyed themselves, why didn’t they use it to defeat the enemy instead? I believe Joyboy and the Kingdom were pacifists who wanted to avoid blood shed in as much as possible.

We know they had Poneglyphs dispersed to Shandia, Fishman Island, Alabasta and various other places that we’re yet to come across; they had secured the history they wanted to pass across. Not only that, they’d also created the Ancient Weapon to put them on equal footing with the World Government, and finally, Joyboy had left his will to a successor in future.

Fate is a big device in One Piece, so perhaps, Joyboy is a man of fate. He had faith that someone would come in his stead to fight for the freedom he sought to grant to the different races besides the Merfolk (which succinctly describes the Will of D– will expound on details in a future post), as slavery and subjugation is the one reoccurring theme that keeps taking centre-stage and needs to be ended.

Post Void Century​

Even after the Void Century, Slavery is still an issue; the Tontatta 400 years after the Void Century were still fighting the Donquixote for the ill-treatments . Sabaody in the present day, is still hosting slave auctions on behalf of the descendants of the kings from the 20 Kingdoms ,the descendants are taking the wives of married men as their property, killing people indiscriminately , and mistreating all who aren’t Tenryuubito as inferior to themselves. The Tenryuubito deem themselves to be gods, beings superior to even humans whom they’re really no different from, and to them, this delusion justifies their inhumane acts, and more so because they’re the descendants of the Kings who created the WG .


Ultimately, the 20 Kingdom’s aim is absolute control over the world due to greed and nothing more. They use their power and propaganda, to perpetuate a moral code of justice that people would stand behind with the aid of the Marines which is, but the face of the World Government, an object of Propaganda to paint and broadcast an organisation with moral codes of justice as its foundation. However, this is clearly all a farce, a lie to keep their power and maintain control…

Should the truth be unravelled, a Revolution will ensue and bring their hold to power to a halt; this is ultimately why the WG don’t want One Piece found, it leads to knowledge of this hidden truth which they’re trying to keep concealed in order to avoid being abdicated from power.

All of this is contained in the Poneglyph (One Piece) and those who aspire to freedom (Will of D) can’t help but be provoked into ending this crocodilian government and all that it truly stands against.

Credits – HPsyche



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