Hey, guys hope you are having an amazing day. Here are my favorite picks for Top Kawaii/Cute Anime Girls. This list is made by my personal opinion and If there’s a particular anime that you feel deserves to be on this list, leave us a comment and we’ll add it to the list. Also, keep in mind the list is in no particular order. Enjoy!

Cute, cute, cute girls, isn’t that why we watch anime? For the kawaii-tasticness that is moe characters? Every show has at least one and they always leave a lasting impression on us. Whether you show your love by putting posters on your walls, talking endlessly about them or reading fanfiction until the late hours, they’ve somehow crept their way into your hearts.

25. Anjuu Maaka from Chibi Vampire

She is quiet, very mature, and is not afraid to stand up to anyone, including her older brother. Anju prefers to wear Gothic Lolita clothing, and a black bow to tie her hair with.

Anju, for the most part, displays very little expression. She is shown to deeply care about her family, more specifically, Karin.

One notable trait of hers is her loyalty and care for her big sister, as she is always shown to be concerned of Karin’s well being and would be willing to sacrifice her own happiness in exchange for her sister’s.

24. Sawako Kuronuma from Kimi ni Todoke

Sawako is a considerably petite, slender teenage girl. She has pale skin, thin lips, big brown eyes, and long straight jet-black hair, which has been like that since her childhood

Sawako is known to get nervous easily, giving her a creepy look due to nervousness along with her already “frightening appearance” which resembles a certain horror film character.

23. Kotori Minami from Love Live!

Kotori Minami is one of the nine main characters in Love Live!. She is a second-year at Otonokizaka High School. She is also known as “Legendary Maid Minalinsky” while working in Akihabara. Her image color is gray, though she is also represented with green or white.

Kotori is known for having her head in the clouds. Despite this, she is μ’s designer along with Nico Yazawa. Kotori has a very huge aptitude for fashion and is very good at drawing costumes for the group. Kotori is shown to be very kind and supportive to her friends and genuinely cares about them, especially their feelings.

22.Kobato Hasegawa from Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai

Kodaka mentioned that Kobato looked more like their mother (a fact Tenma Kashiwazaki also noted), having golden-blond hair and blue eyes. Kobato mainly keeps her hair flowing down but still has two small horse tails from each side.

Kobato is a shy person that doesn’t tend to interact with the people around her. She is extremely close to Kodaka and gets jealous if Kodaka diverts his attention from her.

21.Taiga Aisaka from Toradora

Even though Taiga is a teenager, her short height makes her look like a younger child. Ami frequently teases her about this. Taiga has long, curly orange-gold hair (inherited from her mother) that falls past her waist in waves, with large, dark amber eyes which are inherited from her father. She is “flat-chested” and is very ashamed about it, but often she makes up for this fact by her typically constant glare or menacing words.

Despite her cute, delicate appearance, Taiga is a sarcastic, cynical, and prideful girl who is easily made angry or upset. She hates when people point out her height or call her the Palmtop Tiger, a nickname she earned because of her petite size and tendency to snap at people. Her broken family has made her act this way

20. Kanade Tachibana from Angel Beats

Kanade is a very beautiful girl who has long silver hair, which is often mistaken in the Light Novel to be a shade of blue, that reaches about waist length. She also has gold eyes with hints of auburn/brown in certain lighting. Her eyes appear to be slightly cat-eyed and curved up to fit with her mysterious/kuudere vibe and have a very white skin

Anime With Less Than 30 EpisodesKanade does not appear to be any less foolish than a typical human being in physical form, but this is contrasted by her lack of detectable emotion, even in skirmishes with the SSS which usually end up with her being injured. It is difficult to understand what she is thinking due to her rarely showing any outward emotion.

19. Mio Akiyama from K-ON!

Mio stands at 5’3″, being the tallest in the group and has straight, long, black hair and gray-blue eyes. she is also quite a bit more busty than the others (except Mugi), much to Yui and Ritsu’s dismay, and later Azusa’s as well.

Mio is the bass player of the Light Music Club. Even though she acts mature, calm and collected most of the time, she freaks out from things she’s afraid of, are gross, or pertain to gore. She is a tsundere towards Ritsu often, due to Ritsu’s immaturity. Because of her extreme shyness, she chose the bass over the more conspicuous guitar.

18. Megumin from KonoSuba

Megumin is a young girl with shoulder-length dark brown hair (smooth black in light novel) and crimson colored eyes. She wears a classical witch attire such as a black cloak with gold border, choker, wizard’s hat, fingerless gloves, and carries a black staff. Though she jokingly claims that her eyepatch seals her immense power, she sees it as a stylish sense of fashion due to her chuunibyou tendencies.

Megumin is a straightforward girl, who speaks in an old-style Japanese dialect. She can be very hyper and lively at times and has chuunibyou tendencies like the rest of the Crimson Demon villagers. She is very intelligent, but has very little self-control, especially when it comes to using Explosion magic. She has no problem wasting her spell on empty plains or abandoned castles, as long as she can use Explosion once a day.

17. Yona from Akatsuki no Yona.

Yona is considered very attractive for her age, throughout the series she is often called cute. She is a girl of short stature, has purple eyes and long, wavy, crimson hair at the beginning of the series. After the series of events when she confronts Kan Tae-Jun, she slices her hair off with a sword to prevent being captured and to save Hak in the process.

Akatsuki no Yona (Yona of the Dawn)Yona is very adaptable, has a sweet demeanor, and has a strong sense of conviction. On her journey, she shows an absolute willingness to learn, but she can still be idealistic even if she realizes that something is harder than it sounds. She can be selfish and demand of others in her pursuits, which is first noted when Yoon scolds her for not thanking him for taking care of Hak.

16. Ruri Gokou from Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai

She has long straight black hair neatly cut at the forehead in a hime-style, white skin, sleepy blue-grey eyes, and a birthmark under her left eye. She was described by Kyousuke as a ghost-like Japanese style beauty.

Ruri often acts according to the character she poses as (i.e., Queen of Nightmare): snobbish and overly confident of her own aptitude. However, she is in fact socially insecure and is usually uncomfortable in talking to other people, particularly strangers. Fortunately, she eventually learns to make friends when she enrolls in high school once again.

15. Wendy Marvell from Fairy Tail

Wendy is a petite girl with fair skin. As of her introduction, she has long, dark blue hair that reaches down to her waist, with two bangs framing her face which reach down to her chest alongside her brown eyes.

Wendy is a very shy and polite girl. She is always accompanied by her Exceed companion, Carla, as they have a very close relationship. She is very eager to try and make friends. Wendy also cares greatly for her guild members and even suggested going to the home-town of the Exceed to try and get them to evacuate when they were under threat.

14. Mashiro Shiina from Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo

Mashiro Shiina is very beautiful and she also has a very slim physique. She has pale skin accompanied by red eyes and long pale blonde hair..

Mashiro is an excellent artist but is extremely terrible at everything else due to lacking any common sense. She is almost completely devoid of emotion, typically wearing a blank expression and speaking in a dreary manner. Having a soft voice, Mashiro is a girl of few words

13. Levy McGarden from Fairy Tail

Levy is a rather young, petite teenage girl of a slender build who stands at a rather below-average height for her age. Her shoulder-length blue hair, which has eyebrow-length bangs, is normally tied up with a colorful bandana around her head. While initially portrayed as having rather straight hair, her hair has slowly gained a wavier.

Levy has a cheerful and upbeat personality, and as such, she is, rather easily, able to get along quite well with her guildmates. Her kind spirit is shown through her reluctance to get involved in the many brawls the guild has together, as she is too nice to fight “just for fun.”

12. Mirai Kuriyama from Kyoukai no Kanata

Mirai has soft, fluffy, wavy, light pink hair, styled in a chin-length bob, with fringes reaching her eyebrows. Her eyes are a golden, amber shade of brown.

Clumsy and a bit shy, Mirai rarely stands out in school. In fact, she struggles pretty much in life; she has to earn her own money to make ends meet, but her constant fear of actually encountering a Youmu used to prevent her from earning an income from slaying Youmu, which most Spirit World Warriors take on as part of their profession.

11.Yuuki Asuna from SAO

Asuna has long, orange-brownish chestnut hair and hazel eyes. In the early levels of SAO, she wore a dark red leather tunic with a lightweight copper breastplate and leather pants with boots up to the knees along with a hooded cape. After joining the «Knights of the Blood», she wore a red and white uniform that all KoB members wear and wielded a rapier.

Asuna originally did not care about dying in the game before meeting Kirito. That meeting drastically changed Asuna’s personality and outlook on life. She soon takes most things Kirito says to heart and looks to him for help, using him as somewhat of a lifeline.

10. Lucy Heartfilia from Fairy Tail

Lucy has brown eyes and shoulder-length blonde hair that is usually tied by ribbons in a variety of colors in a small ponytail to the right side of her head with the rest of the hair loose

Lucy takes exceptional pride in her appearance and is very confident in her sex appeal, often exuding a certain amount of vanity. Despite this superficial attitude, she is a clever, kind, and genuinely caring person. Lucy is passionate about literature and is in the process of writing her own novel about her adventures with Fairy Tail although she does not like telling anyone about it

9. Rikka Takanashi from Chūnibyō Demo Koi ga Shitai!.

Rikka has cyan-colored eyes and wears a yellow color contact lens on her right eye, over which she wears a medical eyepatch. Her hair is dark blue-purple and is tied with a yellow ribbon. She often wears a pair of roller shoes, which she uses in imaginary combat.

She is alienated from her classmates, partly because she doesn’t try to make friends with them. She only has 5 contacts on her phone, which include Tōka, Yuuta, Shinka Nibutani, Kumin Tsuyuri and Sanae Dekomori. Tōka prepares Rikka’s lunch box for her every day, and doesn’t allow Rikka to eat anything from convenience stores.

8. Illyasviel von Einzbern from Fate/Stay night

Much like the other Einzbern homunculi, Illyasviel has crimson eyes and long white hair. Similar to her mother, Irisviel, Illya also bears a genetic resemblance to her ancestor, Justeaze Lizrich von Einzbern, who was responsible for the formation of the core of the Holy Grail. She wears a collared, purple long-sleeved shirt with a light purple scarf to match, a long white skirt and purple boots.

Illya is cheerful and outgoing, upbeat and generally exhibits a positive attitude. Possessing a friendly demeanor, she is easy to talk to and tends to be playful and mischievous. Deep inside, however, Illya is lonely as she has no friends her own age to play with and is often stuck inside the Einzbern castle honing her magecraft

7. Kanna Kamui from Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon

Kanna has white-lavender hair and blue eyes. According to Riko Saikawa, she is very cute and appealing. Her style of clothing has been described as “gothic lolita with a tribal theme” (courtesy of Kobayashi). Her usual attire consists of a white capelet with a fur collar, a pink blouse, a white frilly skirt and pink doll shoes. She ties her hair into pigtails, each adorned with three dark blue beads

Kanna is soft-spoken and quiet and demonstrates most of her emotions through minute expressions. Despite being technically older than her human peers, Kanna behaves no differently from a human child as she easily tires of routine and enjoys playing games.

6. Kosaki Onodera from Nisekoi

Kosaki has snow white skin and chocolate brown eyes. Her hair is dark brown and shoulder-length with one long strand of hair which she keeps combed neatly to the left side of her face. Kosaki is average in height and has a thin figure.

Kosaki is discreet, innocent, and slightly timid. She is very kind, taking care of Raku when he is wounded or ill. Generally, she opts to think carefully before acting, as seen when she stalls her confession to Raku in consideration that he may have feelings for Chitoge.

5. Scheherazade from Magi

Despite being over 200 years old, Scheherazade has the appearance of a young female of a short stature. She has big, bright, blue eyes that are usually closed and only open when she wants to put emphasis on something or when things go wrong. She has long blonde, wavy hair with two braids in the back that reaches down to her ankles with a laurel wreath of grapes and vines around the left and right side of her head.

Scheherazade is a kind woman who cares about the people of the Reim Empire. She seems to be a pacifist since she doesn’t like gladiator fights. She is nice towards her fellow people of Reim and tries to make them smile.

4. Inori Yuzuriha from Guilty Crown

Inori was a beautiful girl with light pink hair that ombres into hot pink and are tied into pigtails, she tied her hair using two tubes, and had a small red clip on the left side of her face. Inori had red eyes, she was about 5’5 tall with small glossed lips. She looked very fragile, having a very slender figure and thin legs

Inori tells Shu to take the ‘Guilty Crown’ (a form of Cat’s Cradle) which he accepts, and Inori’s fading away in front of him, thus saving Shu. However, through a fan theory, it is believed that only Inori’s body breaks away while her soul becomes one with Shu’s.

3. Jibril from No Game No Life

Jibril has long purple-pink hair that reaches down to her knees and two white wings protruding near her hips. Her pupils are purple surrounded by a gold iris but a cross shape appears in her pupils when she is focusing on a task

Jibril is the youngest and strongest of the Flügel race. Her love towards knowledge started even before the declaration of the Ten Oaths. She opposes the book sharing law created by the Council of Eighteen Wings and left Avant Heim, her homeland, to win the National Library of Elchea from the previous king in a game.

2. Mavis Vermilion from Fairy Tail

Mavis has very long, wavy, pastel yellow-blonde hair that reaches down to her feet with a small ahoge; large green eyes with no pupils; peachy skin and a slight child-like build.

Mavis is kind and protective of Fairy Tail. She cares, guides and protects the guild whenever it’s possible. She seems to be quite cheerful as she’s smiling and happy most of the time. Mavis can also be quite carefree and reckless, and this side of her is shown when she allowed Jellal Fernandes to participate in the Grand Magic Games as a part of Team Fairy Tail B

1. Shiro from No Game No Life

Shiro is a pale-skinned girl with very long, messy white hair with a pale blue, purple, pink, green, and yellow tint and large, passive golden/yellow-red eyes. She is rather slim and about average height

Shiro is described as a genius in logic and problems, but has difficulty understanding emotions or behavior, relying on Sora to help her defeat beings with emotions

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