Hey, guys hope you are having an amazing day. Here are my favorite picks for Top 10 Scary Anime Girl. This list is made by my personal opinion and If there’s a particular anime that you feel deserves to be on this list, leave us a comment and we’ll add it to the list. Enjoy!

Scary Anime Girl List

10. Lucy from Elfen Lied

Scary Anime GirlSynopsis – Lucy is the main character, protagonist and anti-heroine/anti-villainess of the Elfen Lied series. The so-called ‘Queen’ Diclonius, Lucy, was an individual difficult to pin down by any standard of “good” or “evil” societal mores. She was both ruthlessly tormented and was also a sadistic tormentor to others, driven to a mental breakdown at an early age by the cruelty that surrounded her. Though she never expected to receive any form of love and acceptance from others, occasionally she got the chance to see that such things were, indeed, possible for someone like her. Her great love was Kouta, a boy she met when they were both children and again when they were young adults.

9. Rize Kamishiro from Tokyo Ghoul

Scary Anime GirlSynopsis – She appeared to be a shy, slender girl with long purple hair, purple eyes, and an hourglass figure. As a ghoul blending into human society, she wore a normal attire fit for a young woman, showing a bigger preference over dresses. After she had moved to the 20th ward, she was seen wearing a pair of red frame glasses (the frames being only at the lower half of the lens), even though she did not seem to have any eyesight problems. Her attire revealed some cleavage, possibly to seduce and allure males as her prey. Rize was very attractive and is aware of this fact, often manipulating it to her advantage. After her transformation into Dragon, Rize had long white hair with decorative marks around a paled face, near her eyelids and across her forehead. Rize was a voracious, independent ghoul who acted as a femme fatale to those who fell victim to her charms. She was an enigmatic female with many acquaintances whom were left with a mysterious impression of her.

8. Yuno Gasai from The Future Diary

Scary Anime GirlSynopsis – Yuno Gasai is a young girl with pink eyes and long pink hair styled in pigtails, two hanging as frontal locks featuring a pair of red bows, and the back pigtails left bare. Her most common attire consists of a blue shirt with a ribbon on her chest accompanied by a blue skirt with high socks, but her wardrobe changes occasionally throughout the series. When in “Psycho Mode” (what Yukiteru calls it), in the anime, her eyes will change from a normal state to where her pupils enlarge with rings on the inside.

7. Ai Enma from Hell Girl (Jigoku Shoujo)

Scary Anime GirlSynopsis – Ai Enma is the main protagonist of the series, and is the one known as the “Jigoku Shoujo”–地獄少女–literally translated into an English version as “Hell Girl. Due to the nature of the duties which she is required to carry out, Ai can also be claimed to be the anti-heroine of the series. She also almost never exposes signs of being moralistic or idealistic, and occasionally opposes even those who are attempting to stop her from carrying out her job for a good cause. She is the first Hell Girl. Ai has long, straight black hair in a “hime” cut that she keeps untied. Her skin is significantly pale (fair), and she has red eyes, although they were originally brown before she was buried alive.

6. Palm Siberia from Hunter x Hunter

Scary Anime GirlSynopsis – Palm Siberia is a Hunter and Knov’s apprentice. After being captured by the Royal Guards, she is reborn into a Chimera Ant soldier. Initially, Palm has long, unruly black hair and pale, sickly-looking skin. She is extremely thin and is often accompanied by a frightening aura caused by stress. She usually wears a light pink blouse and carries a knife. As a human Palm was a non-combatant, so she was not well trained for battle compared to the other Hunters, demonstrated by how easily Killua outran her. Even armed with a kitchen knife, she did not pose a threat to him even in his sleep

5. Mei Misaki from Another

Scary Anime GirlSynopsis – Mei is a very beautiful young Japanese girl who has short, black, chin-length hair with long bangs and a ghostly complexion. Initially, Mei is a very withdrawn, solitary and antisocial girl who doesn’t see value in having a bond with someone. She is fascinated by a pair of conjoined dolls in her grandmother’s shop, wondering how they can be so calm even though they are attached

4. Shion Sonozaki from When They Cry

Scary Anime GirlSynopsis – Sonozaki Shion is one of the main characters in the Higurashi no Naku Koro ni series. She is well-known for her spectacular mental breakdown and the ensuing bloodbath in those arcs, her mischievous nature when it comes to teasing the other club members, as well as for her relationship with Hōjō Satoshi, which has been the subject of at least four different songs. Shion is the actual older twin sister of the Sonozaki twins. She was sent to St. Lucia’s Boarding School, but escaped in 1982 and 1983 with the help of Kasai Tatsuyoshi, a man who acts as a bodyguard to the Sonozaki family. Despite her being seemingly more girly and refined than Mion, thanks to schooling at St. Lucia, she is incredibly shrewd, cold, manipulative, and delinquent, more so than Mion.

3. Sachiko Shinozaki from Corpse Party Tortured Souls

Scary Anime GirlSynopsis – Sachiko Shinozaki is the main antagonist of the Corpse Party series. She is also known as the Girl in the Red Dress. Sachiko is a young girl of normal stature, with long black hair and bangs that cover her face. She wears a tattered red dress and has grey skin, which bears painful rope burns on her neck. When she is appeased, her outfit and skin changes. Her hair becomes shorter, her bangs are kept back by a red hairpin which reveals her black eyes and more defined facial features. It’s stated that she neither had any friends nor spent her time socializing too much. She loved her mother dearly and her death enraged Sachiko, because of which she became a bitter and vengeful spirit.

2. Megumi Shimizu from Shiki

Scary Anime GirlSynopsis – Megumi Shimizu was a young girl from Sotoba who was the first person to be killed by the Kirishiki family, namely by Chizuru Kirishiki, and was also the first person to rise up as a Shiki several days after her death. She is one of the most frequently appearing characters in the Shiki series and due to her city-girl personality and style, she dreamed of one day leaving the village to live in a city somewhere. Despite her hatred for her town, the two things she cared about within it were her crush, Natsuno Yuuki, and a new mansion built in their town

1. Yuuko Kanoe from Dusk Maiden of Amnesia

Scary Anime GirlSynopsis – Yuuko Kanoe is the spirit of a girl who died inside the oldest building of Seikyou Academy. She lost her memories and eventually became a wandering spirit until she was discovered by accident by Teiichi Niiya. Yuuko is a tall, beautiful teenage girl with a slender figure, long black hair and walnut-brown pupils. During the first days of the Paranormal Investigation Club, Yuuko becomes involved with Teiichi in a case which is supposed to be one of the seven most famous ghost stories in the school: the story of the “Hidden Demon”.

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