Hey, guys hope you are having an amazing day. Here are my favorite picks for Top 10 Anime Zombie Girl. This list is made by my personal opinion and If there’s a particular anime that you feel deserves to be on this list, leave us a comment and we’ll add it to the list. Enjoy!

Anime Zombie Girl List

10. Rita from Rage of Bahamut: Genesis

Anime Zombie GirlRita is a seemingly young necromancer, known for being the only surviving citizen of the Nebelville massacre. For two hundred years she revived and lived with the zombified remnants of the town until she was, in the end, bitten by her own parents. After being spared by Kaisar and becoming an undead, she now follows the former knight in his travels. Rita appears to be a child, but is actually much older. She has short black hair and bangs, and usually wears a lopsided hat. She carries a small backpack with her and wields a black umbrella with a skull on the tip.

9. Victoria Cindry from One Piece

Anime Zombie GirlIn life, Cindry was tall and slim, with short, straight cut blonde hair and an ever-present smile on her face. She wore different outfits depending on the situation: formal for performances, while casual for everyday events like doctor visits. After being resurrected as a zombie, Cindry retains her beautiful appearance, but now has various stitches across her body and pale blue skin.

8. Makina Hoshimura from Corpse Princess: Aka

Anime Zombie GirlAs Shikabane Hime, Makina looks a tall and beautiful teenager with long violet hair, two braids tied by red ribbons at rear head, blue eyes and pale skin. Most of the series, she usually wears a typical high school uniform aka seifuku. Makina Hoshimura is the main protagonist of the series. She also has a curse that allows her to have indefinite regeneration.

7. Rin Azuma from Yozakura Quartet

Anime Zombie GirlShe is a Jiang Shi, a Chinese type of zombie that absorbs energy from the living ones. She used to be afraid of the townspeople, but actually she is cheerful and hardworking, caring about the others. Rin appears to be really shorter. Rin is a short girl with a thin build. She has yellow-green eyes and short brown hair extending slightly past her jaw. She has light skin with many visible scars across her back, legs and arms.

6. Wiz from KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World!

Anime Zombie GirlA powerful lich wizard who, despite being one of the Devil King’s generals, is a timid and kind woman who uses her powers to assist civilians and lead lost spirits to the afterlife. She runs an unsuccessful magic shop. Wiz is a beautiful and well-endowed young woman with fair skin. She has brown eyes and straight brown hair reaching down to the front of her shoulders and further behind her back, slightly curling at the tips.

5. Megumi Shimizu from Shiki

Anime Vampire GirlMegumi Shimizu was a young girl from Sotoba who was the first person to be killed by the Kirishiki family, namely by Chizuru Kirishiki, and was also the first person to rise up as a Shiki several days after her death. Megumi was a relatively tall girl, and appeared to be quite thin. She had curly pink hair which was parted down the middle with short bangs on her forehead, framing hair by her cheeks. She always kept her hair in two high pigtails.

4. Mikasa from Princess Resurrection

Anime Zombie GirlA silent young girl with long black hair, and green eyes. She was killed in the past by Severin and revived to be his blood warrior; she seems to have a complex relationship with Severin. She is a human blood warrior like Hiro but is enhanced by a parasitic bio-weapon implanted in her head that gives her heightened combat abilities and Witchblade like powers. She has long black hair and dark eyes. She always wear a cloak, gauntlets, loose pants, and what appears to be a bikini top.

3. Hokuto from Corpse Princess: Aka

Anime Zombie GirlHokuto is a strong shikabane and the true leader of the Shichisei. Unlike other shikabanes, she absolutely has no regrets, obsessions or even nature within her. Her death, however, makes her one of the most dangerous, yet powerful shikabane around. Hokuto resembles a young girl (Around 15-16 years of age) with a large bust. She wears a typical white/red kimono and has short pinkish white hair. She also has heterochromatic eyes

2. Zombina from Monster Musume

Anime Zombie GirlHailing from a world where the existence of monster girls have become commonplace, she is a member of the Living Dead species, or a zombie in other words, she is the field commander of Monster Ops: Neutralization, a squad of monster girls tasked with dealing with monsters who exploit the Interspecies Protection Act. She is usually the sarcastic and stubborn one of the group, who loves to mess with people in the process of doing something of high importance.

1. Rea Sanka from Sankarea

Anime Zombie GirlRea is quite friendly, especially to those at the shrine, but often suffers from indecision and hesitance to act in social situations due to her sheltered upbringing. She is shown to be extremely naive, needing more clarification to pick up on wordplay and some sensitive topics than most everyone else in the series. Her zombification her skin becomes almost entirely white and her purple eyes become a crimson red. She is described as ‘very beautiful’ by boys in Shiyou Boys High School.

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