Hey, guys hope you are having an amazing day. I am back again with a theory about The Truth About Zoro’s Eye. But before we begin, let me warn you that this article may contains spoilers for both Manga and Anime. Let’s Begin!

I think Zoro’s eye is a little too theorized about. Personally, I took it as a foreshadowing of his role as the right hand of the pirate king. Obviously, Rayleigh has a similar scar over his eye, which is the most direct correlation. But also Fujitora was revealed not long after the time skip. So what are the similarities?

Damaged Eye/eyes

An obvious predisposition to swordsmanship

An unwavering code of the character

Possibly a high level of haki

So what do these have to do with each other?

Rayleigh and Zoro each have one damaged eye, while Fujitora has 2.

They each have a unique, sword fighting style. Issho uses his sword backhanded, Zoro uses three swords, and Rayleigh uses a double-edged broadsword style.

Top 10 Anime Swordsmen

admiral fujitora

Rayleigh while easy going, was willing to face down a marine admiral for, not even a day after meeting him for the first time, and seeing the similarities to his captain. Issho basically told his boss to shove it after seeing what Doflamingo was truly like on Dressrosa, and openly vented that the Shichibukai system was stupid and needed to be abolished. And Zoro has constantly taken the brunt of the damage for his crew, from fighting arlong while injured to accepting all of Luffy’s pain and fatigue while he was already close to death.

All three have shown some of the most powerful haki in the series. Rayleigh cut an admiral and drew blood (Akainu got cut in the war but didn’t bleed despite haki users.) He also has all 3 types of haki, and was able to bring Luffy to expert level in a year and a half. Issho isn’t hindered by his blindness. In fact, his observation haki is so strong he can accurately fight on par with some of the strongest characters revealed, and apparently he could also feel emotions. He could tell that citizens of Dressrosa felt differently than what they were saying. And Zoro used his Haki to tear apart a monster the size of a city. He scared a logia so badly that she couldn’t even stay solid. And since training in haki with Mihawk he takes way less damage. He has been virtually untouched after the time skip, while before it he had some of the most devastating injuries in the series.


The main point, Zoro is being shown in a light that shows what type of man he is. He shares similarities with high ranking members of the marines and high ranking members of piracy. His physical features are an aesthetic choice that directly parallels him to some very powerful people. That’s honestly all I think Oda was going for.

Hope you liked this little theory article about The Truth About Zoro’s Eye. If you do not agree with the points I represented in the article and have some of your own opinions, then let us know in the comment section below and Keep visiting Buzzerspace for latest news and information about Anime world, anime and manga recommendation, Manga spoilers plus theories, and Movies. Peace!

Theory by bl00dyr3ds4m


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