For a long time I’ve been thinking about how much I love Skypiea Saga, which contains two incredible arcs : Jaya arc & Skypiea arc, I don’t even remember how many times I’ve re-watched/re-read this saga, and every time I do, I enjoy it as it’s the first time, don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t mean it’s my favourite saga in One Piece, because that’ll be Water 7 Saga, however I had a soft spot for Skypiea Saga, the reason why I wanted to talk about it is because there are mixed opinions about this saga, and a lot of the opinions give me the impression that a lot of people doesn’t really get how masterfully crafted this saga was!

So let me start explaining my thoughts about this saga :-

One of the themes presented in One Piece is the “dreams”, and this theme is what Skypiea Saga is focused about the most, first of all, almost all of the characters/parties that played a part in this saga was chasing their dreams, or at least have an opinion about it, in Jaya arc we see that clearly, the straw hats are chasing the dream of finding a sky island, Montblanc Cricket and his crew are trying to find the gold, and we even had that encounter with Blackbeard and Bellamy, while Bellamy was laughing at other people dreams, Blackbeard was encouraging the people to chase their dreams


After Luffy defeated Bellamy with one punch, Luffy said he’s going to sky island in front of those who laughed at his dream of going to sky island previously, this time they couldn’t laugh, because he’s dead serious about it and couldn’t care less about their opinions, Blackbeard said in his speech that “when you aim high you often come across fights that just aren’t worth fighting”, exactly as he said, Luffy didn’t fight back when Bellamy laughed at his dream, going to sky island? He’s already aiming too high to care about Bellamy opinion

In Skypiea there are different parties with different dreams as well, the straw hats new dream is to find the gold city and the golden bell, the Shandians are dreaming about returning home, Enel wants to reach the endless varse/earth, it’s all about dreams

But that’s not all what make this saga so great, it also present entirely new battle system that’s exclusive to this saga, fighting in a sky island is different than blue sea, starting with the dials, enemies with strange powers, One Piece before introducing haki introduce different battle elements in most of the Sagas, and Skypiea is no exception, also to continue listing, the unique structure of the sky island, the white sea, different culture, different technology and all

Also the world building in this saga was so amazing, not to mention the great backstory of Montblanc Noland, and the connection between Jaya & Skypiea, it’s amazing how well the story was connected together, the story of the Shandians & the sky people, the golden bell and the gold city, Montblanc Noland children book in north blue and his real story, the foreshadowing and hints for the following arcs, and I still think more will be revealed to be important in the coming arcs

Robin got a lot of screen time in this saga, starting with helping the straw hats to realize the possibility of sky island existence, and spent a lot of time as an archaeologist in Skypiea, which I think this was all to show how she enjoy being archaeologist, plus to let us know her more before Water 7 Saga, also all of the straw hats developed a lot in this saga, and it was so fun to see them interact together

Skypiea Saga has a sense of adventure like no other saga, adventures is always part of One Piece story, and Skypiea Saga was pure adventure! One of the reasons why Jaya arc was exciting is because the mystery presented in it, the only thing to prove the existence of sky island was a ship that fallen from the sky, the compass pointing upward, and the old map, no person can prove the existence of it, but at the same time no one can prove it doesn’t exist! So from here the magical adventure start!

Skypiea SagaOne of the things I like about One Piece that’s lacking in most the other currently running shonens, is that the main characters always had to face the dangers themselves, but for example in Naurto if the main character couldn’t face the danger himself, he can always rely on a stronger ninja from the village to rush for his needs, Kakashi might come or even the Hokage, but in One Piece no matter how dangerous the situation is, it’s mostly the straw hats alone responsible to face the danger, even declaring the war against the world government in Enies Lobby and fighting strong fighters like CP9, it’s the straw hats alone, so in a dangerous place like Mock Town, or on unknown sky island with mysterious source of danger lurking in it, it’s another adventure for the straw hats with fun moments and hardship

I talked about the foreshadowing and hints in this arc, and how they added a lot to One Piece lore and world building, but I want to point that I liked how Merry Go felt as a real crew mate in this saga, it was the adventure that damaged Merry Go the most, but for some reason it felt as it was the most crazy fun adventure for her, it was a great set up for Merry Go farewell in Water 7 Saga!

The introduction of Blackbeard was so great, not only his speech was great, but in the very first encounter with Luffy, he was shown as the opposite of Luffy, hating the food/drink Luffy like and liking what Luffy doesn’t like, yet at the same time they are so similar, both aim to be a pirate king, both like adventuring and grow stronger in the process, they just have their different ways, that encounter in Mock Town foreshadowed Blackbeard as a rival for Luffy

What is magical also about Skypiea Saga that it felt like a dream, the moment they returned to the blue sea it felt as everyone in the straw hats crew asked himself/herself “was that even real?”, it feel as if the whole Skypiea arc isn’t part of the story because how bizarre that adventure was, only few in the blue sea know about the straw hats adventure in Skypiea, and they don’t even know what happened there, for example, does anyone actually know about Luffy beating Enel? Does anyone know Enel in the first place? Such a strong character with incredibly strong logia devil fruit that can control the lightning, he was strong enough to destroy an entire island without moving from his place, he can use some kind of teleport to instantly reach his target, he have a strong observation haki that can cover the entire island, no one can run away from him or hide a secret from him

Not to mention he can use his powers to heal himself, and he belongs to a mysterious race, such a powerful character if he was in the blue sea, he could become a shichibukai or even a candidate for admiral position! but even so, no one know about his defeat by Luffy, no bounty increase for the straw hats and nothing about the incident in the newspapers, it felt as if Skypiea in a whole different universe, and that add to the greatness of this saga! it raises a lot of questions about the white sea/sky islands, it makes you sometime question the existence of it all over again, even though it should be proved by now, it felt as if in a different universe, yet tightly connected to One Piece story & world and very essential to it

Honestly I wanted to keep talking about this saga, it’s masterfully crafted, and well planned, but I don’t want overwhelm anyone who would read this post, so I decided to stop here, I had so much fun writing this post and remembering the details in this saga, so I hope you enjoyed reading this post as well, thank you for reading.

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