I want to explore the Rating system for ghoul that is used by the CCG and mainly dissect what makes a ghoul a triple S level threat. People are often mistaken in thinking that these ratings refer purely to individual ghouls strength in combat.

these are the presumed criteria the CCG uses, one of the main things I want to do here is clear up what makes a ghoul SSS rated.

SSS rated Criteria is unclear.

SS rated Multiple Special Class Investigators are needed.

S+ rated Equivalent to the ability of an average Special Class Investigator. (approx.)

S- rated Equivalent to the ability of an associate special class.

A rated Comparable to a First Class Investigator.

B rated Comparable to a Rank 1 to Rank 3 Investigator.

(source Wiki)


Currently Confirmed ratings as of chapter 169

SSS Eto Yoshimura (One-Eyed Owl), Yoshimura (Non-Killing Owl), Roma Hoito (The Dodgy Mother)

SS+ Seidou Takizawa (Owl)

SS~ Noro, Tatara

SS Big Madam, Hinami Fueguchi (Yotsume), Roma Hoito (Gypsy), Rio (Jail), Kaya Irimi (Black Dog), Matasaka Kamishiro (Shachi), Ken Kaneki/Haise Sasaki (Eyepatch/Centipede), Ayato Kirishima (Black Rabbit), Enji Koma (Devil Ape), Donato Porpora (Priest), Kurona Yasuhisa (Floppy)

S~Nishiki Nishio (Serpent)

S Bin brothers, Demon Yamada, Eto Yoshimura (Bandaged Guise), Rize Kamishiro (Binge Eater), Miza Kusakari (Three Blades), Kuki Urie, Naki, Nutcracker , Yakumo Oomori (Yamori/Jason), Shuu Tsukiyama (Gourmet)

A+ Yumitsu Tomoe (Grave Robber), Hooguro, Shousei Idera

A Karao Saeki (Torso), Skull Masks Leader

B+ Akashi Kobayashi

B Average Aogiri Tree member

C Scarecrow

(Source wiki)

It may look like I’m just dropping those in for additional content but those tables are an important foundation if we are to go deeper and explain what defines an SSS rate ghoul. I’d also like to go over a few individuals and explain their rating in further detail. It is important to note that these ratings are from the perspective of the CCG.

First, let’s establish the meaning of +/~.

A ghoul with a threat rating of ‘X+’ is a ghoul who is confirmed to be far stronger than the average ghoul of their level but does not fit the criteria for the higher rating, ilk gets into this later as it’s very important for Seidou Takizawa.

A ghoul with a threat rating of ‘X~’ means that this ghoul is at least that much of a threat but possibly more. This is highly relevant for ghouls such as Seidou, Kaneki, Rio & nutcracker as they all had their ratings retroactively increased after once having the ‘Xs’ rating.

what can we theorize as for the criteria for SSS ratings?

I believe that the to fit the criteria for an SSS rating, a ghoul must not only require multiple special class investigators to take down but also be leading some form of organized ghoul militia that is a serious threat to the CCG as an establishment. No matter how strong and individual ghoul is, alone they are manageable. This is also important to look at when analyzing Sediou. My theory on this will become apparent as I continue to break down the ratings of certain ghouls.

in the SS+ rating, we have Seidou Takizawa. Seidou is one of the biggest reason that I believe my SSS class criteria is correct. Seidou has proven to far outclass a double SS ghoul in combat, even slaying a potential triple S ghoul with relative ease as well as plenty of high profile investigators. Seidou is evidently one of the most powerful combatants in the series, safe to say he would be able to stand up to Eto and pre-Dragon Kaneki, But he has no faction/followers under his rule. No matter how powerful he is as an individual to be a true threat to the establishment requires an organization’s influence. Seidou’s unique rating is extremely impressive as other ghouls fitting the SSS criteria are there heavily due to the organization they lead.

Next up I’d like to talk about Tatara SS~. Tatara is deceased as of now but his leading role in Aogiri, as well as S~ individual ability, cements his role as a potential SSS class threat. Had Seidou not killed him in a sneak attack I think Tatara would have proven to be an SSS rate ghoul.

in the SS tier, there are a few ghouls to be mentioned. To begin with big madam, a ghoul who was likely a ‘S+’ level as an individual fighter, but due to the huge amount of finance and connections under her thumb she is boosted to a threat level of SS. I believe a similar dynamic to be at work with the SS rating of Kaya Irimi(Black Dog) and Enji Koma (Devil Ape). Both of these ghouls were likely in the S class tier of individual strength yet their respective command over the Black Dobers & Ape Faces increased their threat level significantly. We also have Shachi (Matasaka Kamishiro) in this tier, I think this is worth noting as he was proven to be an SS level fighter as an individual yet was also the leader of the 6th ward, the CCG did not seem to accept being a ward’s leader as a significant threat. Perhaps because they were not actively mobilized against the CCG. On the topic of individual strength leading to SS rating we have Ayato Kirishima, While holding office in the Aogiri tree this does not seem to be enough to further his position as a threat from the perspective of the CCG. Ayato was able to go head-to-head with Suzuya (without Jason or Arata) and dominate that battle, Ayato’s SS rating is one held almost purely by individual strength although his position in Aogiri may cement this rating.

{Edit: For some reason, Ayato, Shachi, and Koma don’t want their names highlighted)

Something I would like to point out in the S rating tier we have Jason/Yamori (Yakumo Oomori), Miza and Naki all of these ghouls seemed to be S tier in individual strength while also controlling the white suits/Blades. I think their somewhat decreased rating is due to their respective organizations being submissive to the Aogiri tree. I think it’s likely that the identified officers of the Aogiri tree were all given S ratings ignoring their influence as leaders of much smaller groups in part 1.

Another Ghoul worth mentioning is Shuu Tsukiyama. An alias of the ‘Gourmet’ to the CCG. His individual strength places him in the S tier. Should Shuu proceed his father’s position in the family in the knowledge of the CCG it is highly likely that he would rise to be an SS/SSS rate threat to the CCG should my theory be correct. His known ties to the ghoul restaurant organization were shrouded in mystery due to his family’s influence covering his tracks.

In the final stretch, we have Eto, Yoshimura, and Kaneki.

Eto’s rating as an SSS threat comes from her previous battles with the CCG in which she leads followers to attack the establishment causing serious damage and proving to be a Major threat to the CCG as an organization. While Eto’s Identity within the Aogiri tree was rumored among its members. The CCG new little of the link between the Owl and Eto of the Aogiri tree leaving her at an S rating presumed to be just an officer of the group similar to Jason. I believe while very strong as an individual Yoshimura’s actual rating is lower than SSS. The CCG identified him this way due to mistaking him for the previous One-Eyed Owl. While Kuzen was easily an SS tier ghoul he was felled by a group of high ranking investigators in a similar manner to and SS rate. This is debatable as from the CCG’s perspective he leads the both the Ape Faces and Black Dobers against them in his final hours, although ultimately command of these groups did not fall to him.

Finally, we have Ken Kaneki.

I think it is safe to say that once accepting the mantle as the one-eyed king he is clearly an SSS rate threat. Furuta’s effort in facing his death in media via propaganda meant that no rating could be calculated. It also seems as if the rating system may have been abandoned since Furuta’s regime took power, although this is much more speculation than what I have previously written.


Few Just wanted to share my perspective on the rating system and clear it up a bit. Didn’t expect to project so much when I first started. Thanks for reading if you got this far, and let me know what you think if you disagree. This topic is very broad and it’s possible to predict ratings for ghouls we do not know the rating of using this theory.

TLDR – SSS rating requires a powerful organization/connections under the individual’s influence, without exception. The Organisation of the Ghoul leads seems to play a bigger part in rating than individual strength, although this is a major factor.

Credit –¬†TaizawaOwl



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