While hyping up for Wano, a thought crossed my mind.

During the Zou Arc, we get multiple hints and statements by some of the powerhouses of Zou (Nekomamushi and Inuarashi) that even though collecting Road Poneglyphs, Kaido, BM, Blackbeard as well as (but in his case probably not as important) Shanks do not have the knowledge necessary to decipher the messages contained in those Poneglyphs.

In fact, Robin is the only known person in the OP universe capable of reading and interpreting the Poneglyphs based on her actual archaeological knowledge of the ancient language. There are of course other methods of gaining information from these relics (as shown in a Roger-flashback via the Voice of All Things, possible other survivors of Ohara etc.). However, I do not believe that even when talking about 4 of the most powerful people, currently ruling the New World, it’s is very likely that one of them (except maybe Blackbeard, due to his connection to the Will of D. etc.) is capable of a similar feat.

This makes Robin the most important asset for pretty much anyone trying to become Pirate King by finding the One Piece, which is considered the legitimate way of becoming PK. If you think about it, collecting the Road Poneglyphs an storing them is nothing else but trying to delay the progress of any possible competitors for the title of PK. But in the end, the Emperors will have to decipher them if they really want to finalize their plans of being the leader of their era.

On top of that, Robin is well known. She had a bounty of 80 Mil. as a child and was labelled “Survivor of Ohara”/”Devil of Ohara”. It’s safe to assume, that every major player of the Pirate World knows her, not only for being part of the Strawhats, but also for her past and abilities (especially Archaeology). Se is pretty much the key to becoming PK.

So how will this tie into the story of OP?

kaido devil fruit
– When Kaido or Big Mom find out about her presence during Wano Arc, will they make their moves on her?

Might we get another Robin abduction Arc?

– This seems rather unlikely, bc Oda seems to be on a tight schedule towards ending the series…

Will the authorities such as the newly introduced Im-sama or CP0 play a role in this?

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