Thinking more about Goddess Elizabeth and that people have really taken for granted how powerful she actually was.

It’s been stated by Nakaba that, for a member of the goddess race, their power can roughly be seen by the number of wings that they have. We’ve seen that most, if not all, fodder tier angels only actually have a single pair of wings. Other than that though we’ve seen multiple examples of people with more than one pair:


  • Five pairs of wings: The Supreme Diety

  • Three pairs of wings: Tarmiel (dafuq)

  • Two pairs of wings: Elizabeth, Mael, Ludociel and Sariel.

So that made me think about Elizabeth’s true power level. What do you all think it could be? I personally think that because she doesn’t like to fight which caused people to have underestimated her but she was treated by Ludociel as a person of respect and continues to be treated as such. I personally believe that her power is actually comparable to Meliodas at the very least in his non-AM form (Possibly slightly stronger in fact). This comes from the fact that she would even attempt to cure two indra’s at the same time (even if she needed assistance in the end) which seems like it would be an incredibly difficult thing to do being that they easily together must have a ridiculous power level.


Anyway, I think I’m starting to ramble but I’d be very interested to see what you all actually think of how strong she was back in her prime before the true villian of the series, the cruellest mother in heaven, killed her.

P.S: I had never noticed Tarmiel had three pairs of wings until I started writing this. He couldn’t be the strongest among the Goddess’ apart from the SD…..could he? They are very small wings though…I’d be interested in hearing opinions on that too.

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Theory by-Apcar


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