Some viewers have felt that the last chapter doesn’t redeem Furuta. They feel that it is cheap to throw in a few panels of backstory will make up for essentially orchestrating the core tragedy of the story. Some people feel that Furuta would require more extensive writing before he can be considered a ‘well written character’— or worse, that Furuta can only be a troll fourth-wall-breaking Gary Sue and that the series will be better off when he’s gone.

Furuta plays a crucial role in the series. He’s the reason why nearly every single major conflict in the series has happened. He’s why Kaneki’s tragic story began and why it got much worse at some points. He isn’t the ‘Final Boss’ or ‘The Main Antagonist’; Furuta is a subplot character. Furuta is like Kaneki, except instead of being a mentally ill (but otherwise normal) guy being thrown into a supernatural world, Furuta was born into an ultimatum: “Obey the Washuu or die. Bow your head and die around the age of thirty. Your ceiling is set.”

Furuta is a different villain. The mindset suggests an individual that knew he was going to die when he was age 30. The very actions themselves don’t really speak to anything. Furuta won’t be around to ripe the benefits if he does die here.

This is more my personal opinion. I would respect Furuta more if he had no plan in mind. Meaning, he eliminated all forms of opposition to making the birdcage happen and then not breathing in the toxic fumes chooses to die.

His actions speak to a greater complexity.

  1. Furuta fakes Kaneki’s execution

  2. Furuta eliminates Ken’s dying lifespan

  3. The centipede actions and V’s loyalty of being cured, wouldn’t it mean that they might be loyal to Ken. I’m not saying he’s going to go V. All I’m saying is that we haven’t seen a clown kaneki or a V kaneki. Honestly, clown kaneki would be a lot like Furuta.

  4. Furuta tells Ken that he can just leave and disappear.

So if Furuta pulls a Lelouch and just dies without any gain. That would make me respect his character more. The other option would be doing it serving no agenda and was just a wild card in the end. I think Furuta’s a little bit more in control. Maybe, this is still just an act. Furuta may have been setting Ken free and what would be more tragic if Furuta unleashes a twist where he was a protagonist and everyone was an antagonist.

The backstory wasn’t meant to make Furuta seem more sympathetic or to justify the evil he did as an antagonist. They were meant to reveal that he’s a foil of Kaneki and that you’re supposed to compare him to Kaneki in order to discover the larger themes/symbolism behind the story. Where Furuta looked at the despair of the world, the bird cage, his own existential crisis, and decided to be a shallow narcissistic about it, Kaneki always tried to do what he thought was right. Furuta is malovelent while Kaneki is benevolent. Although Furuta has ‘succeeded’ far more than Kaneki ever did, Furuta has nothing and Kaneki essentially has everything he needs to be happy.

The backstory was meant, in my opinion, to make clearer the main moral lesson of the story: That caring about other people is paramount to achieving happiness.

tl;dr Furuta is tragic because he wins and is funny and does cool things, but still dies discontent and alone. You should feel sorry for him because, in the end, everything he accomplished is meaningless because he’s not happy— not because Rize didn’t reciprocate his feelings or simply because his lifespan is a third of your’s.

credit –¬†Masterdarwin88

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