Morality of Arima, Eto, and Furuta. I’ve noticed that Furuta continues to be polarizing and people don’t like him. However, what I haven’t seen a lot of is how Furuta compares to Arima and Eto. Arima and Eto are just as bad as Furuta and are equally worse at times. Today, I want to figure out which one is the worse with morality. I think the easiest way to do this is to break them into three tables like this, which looks at their morally questionable actions below.


1.Killed a lot of ghouls of various shapes and sizes

2.Killed Touka’s mother, sending Yomo into a downward spiral and indirectly causing Arata to become unhinged, resulting in him being harvested. The result of this action results in armor, which is then used by Juuzou to help defeat Ken and cause him to be dragon. Wrecked Touka and Ayato’s childhood. Strangely, Ken is trying to follow in Arima’s footsteps, although his predecessor wrecked a good portion of his wife’s life.

3.Round 1-Fought Ken. Gouged his eyes out, left him screaming, and received ownership rights over him.

4.Mentally tortured Ken, said, “his friends were dead.”

5.Fought him again, proceeded to commit suicide, and gave all his burden to Ken, knowing full well that he would carry it, as Ken has alluded to in recent chapters with shouldering everything.

6.Turned Ken into Haise

7.Manipulates Ken

Better Moral Qualities

1.Was nice to sunlit garden children

2.Take likes him

3.Led a secret rebellion against V

Another quality that really isn’t his fault

1.No one seems to understand him that well

Next, there’s Eto


1.Killed a lot of humans

2.Enjoys inflicting pain and punishment on humans

3.Sends Shinohara (a good person) into incapacitation and causes Juuzou to lose a leg.

4.Kills Akira Mado’s husband. Mado then becomes deranged like Arata and murders Hinami’s parents. Is indirectly responsible for making Hinami’s life worse.

5.Tortures people

6.Helped with harvesting

7.Harvested her own father. Probably, killed him.

8.Manipulates Ken

Morally redeemable qualities

1.Like her editor

2.Was nice to Hinami

3.Led a secret rebellion


1.Steel beamed Ken

2.Is a clown

3.Harvested countless people with Kanou

4.Turned Ken into dragon and indirectly killed thousands of people.

5.Was abusive (Just like the other two)

6.Kills his own father, wipes out the Washuu

Analysis of the tables

A lot of them as it turns out are on similar ground. Saying, Furuta, is somehow morally worse then the other two seems pretty questionable. That would depend on the reader, who must decide, which grey vs. grey morality that he is sympathetic or not sympathetic to. If we were to look at this in the form of casualties, then Furuta is morally the worse, although he wasn’t the one that made the choice to eat everything, he certainly made dragon happen and has enjoyed the slaughter it’s caused.

Excluding Furuta’s casualties the worse would be Eto. Now I could be wrong, but Eto had a pretty normal childhood compared to the likes of Arima and Furuta, two half ghouls that are predestined to die young and were used as child soldiers. Eto didn’t have this and harvested her own father, who tried to be a good person. Now, this could change, but as it stands she gets the edge over Furuta, who was a child soldier and killed his own father due to his abuse and how messed up his life was.

What needs to be answered is if Arima and Eto knew that Furuta’s plan of “super peace” would have the result of Kaiju rampaging through Tokyo and turning people into zombies. If the answer is “yes,” then they’re just as bad as Furuta in this category. Ken being angry at Furuta seems to be somewhat not warranted. Ken seems to be giving Arima and Eto a free pass when they were just as abusive to him and he should be angry at them. Not only that, he’s mad at Kanou, when Eto and Arima, have worked with him in the past, knows who he is and encouraged countless people to get experimented upon.

Arima is the only one that strangely walks out of this as the least worst character. He rivals Eto in his actions, but he didn’t enjoy what he was doing. Eto and Furuta loved killing people. Arima didn’t. That’s why we see respect from the sunlit garden children. Ishida seems to suggest this in recent chapters.

The corpse that might or might not be Eto is now rampaging and destroying the same alliance that she may have worked so hard to get. Arima died with Ken and was then greeted by Zero Squad. Their deaths might suggest where Ishida sees them morally standing after their deaths.

Now, is Furuta a Gary Stu? Sort of. Depending on perspective, I might add that Arima was just as much a Gary Stu as Furuta was. Arima went undefeated and no one could beat him in combat. Arima remarked that he could have killed Ken hundreds of times in the second fight. I don’t think Arima was lying. Eto was naturally overpowered and could be labeled a Gary Stu.


I don’t think all the hate is warranted at times. Eto and Arima have done a lot of the same stuff that Furuta has done. They’ve killed, murdered, tortured, and manipulated Ken countless times. Arima is just as much a Gary Stu as Furuta is before his death. Eto might have had a slightly better childhood and still killed her father. So I think the debate on whether I love or hate these characters comes down to the reader’s opinion on what grey v grey morality that they like.

credit –¬†Monsur_Ausuhnom



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