Hey, guys hope you are having an amazing day. I am back again with a theory about Admiral Ryokugyu or Green Bull’s Hidden Motives. But before we begin, let me warn you that this article contains spoilers for both Manga and Anime.Let’s Begin!

Admiral Ryokugyu (Green Bull)

In Volume 76 SBS, Oda said a reader’s theory was on the right track when he/she said the 2 new admirals have a conflict of interest with the Marines or World Government (WG). Fuji wants to abolish the Warlord system and that would infuriate the Gorosei since they prioritize balance in the world. I came up with two conflicts of interest for Admiral Green Bull (GB) or Admiral Ryokugyu.

Abolishing Slavery (My best guess). This would result in the highest conflict of interest because he would be angering the Celestial Dragons (CDs). He might have been a slave in the past and wanted to change the system. But how could Admiral Ryokugyu accomplish his goals? He can use the Reverie as a platform to state his case, but he (and the readers) wouldn’t have any build-up or justification for his motive compared to Fujitora. Destroying the Celestial Dragons’ quality of life is nearly impossible, but there’s a way. Green Bull could become a 3rd party or defect to the Revolutionary army because Oda is using themes from the folktale of Momotaro (Volume 76 SBS).

His justice would be called “Free Justice”. Some of his characteristics are that he’s spontaneous, wants to have fun and be unrestrained due to his trauma of being a slave. I gave him the mythical zoan Peryton because it represents freedom and “green”. A Peryton can fly (freedom) and is an elk with horns (green=nature). He should have a zoan because it fulfills the trifecta of Devil Fruit categories for the Admirals. His fighting style is mainly close combat and Zoans have been stated to be the most appropriate for this style. I agree with other people who think he could use Fishman-karate. IDC what power Oda chooses, just as long as he has a Devil Fruit.

2) Rigorous expansion. This is a conflict of interest because it’s too risky. Admiral Ryokugyu wants to take over Emperor territory, countries that have yet to join the World Government, and the expedition to Wano or Elbaf. Wano is so powerful that the Marines avoid them. Green Bull wanting to go to Wano would cause a lot of casualties. Oda said Wano will overshadow Marineford and to do that, I think we need Marine intervention. For Elbaf, messing with the world’s best military doesn’t sound too bright. The World Government has been trying to manufacture giants but has always failed. Admiral Ryokugyu may just want to take over Elbaf instead of beating around the bush. The only problem is how would the Vice Admiral giants feel about this approach?

His justice would be called “Influential Justice”. He’s passionate about the WG principles and wants to incorporate that into the entire world. He probably doesn’t sway his stance on topics and instead persuades other people, which makes him charismatic. Admiral Ryokugyu may have a propensity to use the Buster Call more than anyone. This may lead to a restriction placed upon Green Bull from using a Buster Call. Another reason why Expansion is a motive is because it gives a reason for Marines to be at certain places.

TLDR/W: Admiral Ryokugyu’s 2 motives is abolishing slavery and rigorous expansion. He should have a zoan Devil Fruit. He could possibly defect to the Revolutionary Army or become a 3rd party.

Hope you liked this little theory article about Admiral Ryokugyu or Green Bull’s Hidden Motive. If you do not agree with the points I represented in the article and have some of your own opinions, then let us know in the comment section below and Keep visiting Buzzerspace for latest news and information about Anime world, anime and manga recommendation, Manga spoilers plus theories, and Movies. Peace!

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