Hey, guys hope you are having an amazing day. Here are my favorite picks for 5 Similar Manga Like Noblesse. This list is made by my personal opinion and If there’s a particular anime that you feel deserves to be on this list, leave us a comment and we’ll add it to the list. Also, keep in mind the list is in no particular order. Enjoy!

5 Manga Like Noblesse

5. Vampire Juujikai
4. Kubera
3. Id
2. Majeh
1. The Breaker

5. Vampire Juujikai

Synopsis – There is a legend that tells of how the world was almost destroyed thousands of years ago by the vampire queen after she unleashed her latent powers. Despite their efforts, the humans were unable to defeat her and thus resorted to sealing her away until the time came that they would be powerful enough to destroy the seal and kill her. However, the humans are not the only ones after the seal. Having cast aside his kingdom and betraying his own race and the dhampirs (half-vampires), the vampire king is persistently searching, even to this day, for where his queen has been sealed away so he may break the seal and free her before the humans do. Fearing that once the king and queen are reunited, they shall continue to destroy the world together, the humans and dhampirs hunt the king, using any method possible.

Similarity –In both series, the main protagonist lives for a purpose. Their perspective stories explore that purpose as we find out more about the main protagonist and their origins. At the same time, mysteries dominates at various points when we see his connections with other certain characters. Expect supernatural, drama, paranormal events from both series. Additionally, their stories deal with hardship as the main character see the potentials of their goals. Recommended for fans of abnormal fantasy/shounen.

4. Kubera


Synopsis – In a world with gods having everlasting lives, suras who possess unrivaled power, and humans who caught helplessly in between, a girl with a god’s name, Kubera, is born—a girl who is prophesied to bring great change into the world.

When Kubera’s peaceful village meets its fiery end, a mysterious magician named Asha comes to her rescue. Together they begin a journey in search of answers and revenge.

Similarity –Both Noblesse and Kubera have a very unique set of characters while some are epic on a whole different level and others just make you love them.
Noblesse focuses more on the epic side of the characters while Kubera makes you identify with them so every hit life hits them something inside you slowly dies.
Both mangas have a very interesting storyline full of suspense and turning points, Kubera is a little more complicated tho

3. Majeh

Synopsis –Majeh was a great swordsman in life but in death, he is merely an envoy to the next world for the King of Hell. It is later discovered that he is a legendary swordsman who was placed in a magical realm called the Moorim where the fiercest warriors stayed.

When a disaster occurred in hell where the most wicked demons escaped into the world of Mortals, the King of Hell sends Majeh out to capture these escape demons…

Similarity – They both have strong from the start protagonist – Majeh > Rai
They both have cruel or little evil personality – Majeh > Frankenstein
They both have a fantasy, adventure, and comedy
They both have an enemy who becomes allies and ally who want to be strong To help the protagonist.
If you like Noblesse You will like King of Hell/ Majeh.

2. Id

Synopsis- We find Chunwha in a world beyond his own… There he will struggle to find his own purpose among the many inhabitants of the new world including elves, dwarves, and even mages! As we watch him grow in strength and spirit, the mangaka creates fascinating characters out of his companions and adversaries and moves past the simple concept of the antagonist vs the protagonist.

To find out what fate has in store for our hero, follow Id in a fantastic adventure, exploring a world where anything is possible!

Similarity – In both manhwas the main character is extremely powerfull right from the beginning. There is a lot of fighting and the story has a fantasy setting (although a rather different one). They are both long ongoing stories. (id more than 150 chapters, noblesse exceeded 200)

1. The Breaker

Synopsis – Yi “Shioon” Shi-Woon’s everyday life at Nine Dragons High School—which consists of beatings from fellow student Ho Chang and his gang—is far from ideal. But one day, a mysterious man named Han Chun Woo spots one of these beatings and instead of offering support, brands Shioon a coward for refusing to fight back, adding insult to injury. To Shioon’s surprise, he finds out that Chun Woo is the new substitute English teacher at his school.

Tired of the daily abuse, Shioon decides to enroll at a martial arts academy to learn how to defend himself. On the way there, he stumbles upon Chun Woo in a predicament—cornered in an alley by a group of angry men! Provoked, Chun Woo suddenly dispatches them using martial arts techniques, which Shioon covertly records. Later, he uses this recording to blackmail Chun Woo into teaching him to defend himself. Reluctantly, Chun Woo agrees, and Shioon is soon thrust into the world of martial arts, known as Murim. However, Shioon is naive and unaware of his master’s shady past and the unseen underbelly of society. How will Chun Woo manage to teach Shioon and help him survive in the world of Murim?

Similarity – Both have main characters that are very over-powered, both are Korean and have similar art. The whole time I was reading The Breaker, I felt reminded of Noblesse. Although, The Breaker is more realistic and the plot-lines are worlds apart.



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