Hey, guys hope you are having an amazing day. Here are my favorite picks for 10 Similar Movies Like A Walk to Remember. This list is made by my personal opinion and If there’s a particular Movies that you feel deserves to be on this list, leave us a comment and we’ll add it to the list. Also, keep in mind the list is in no particular order. Enjoy!

10 Movies Like A Walk to Remember

10. The Lucky One

Synopsis – A Marine travels to Louisiana after serving three tours in Iraq and searches for the unknown woman he believes was his good luck charm during the war.

10 Movies Like The Lucky One

9. The Fault in our Stars

The Fault in Our StarsSynopsis – Two teenage cancer patients begin a life-affirming journey to visit a reclusive author in Amsterdam.

8. Dear John

Movies Like Me Before YouSynopsis- A romantic drama about a soldier who falls for a conservative college student while he’s home on leave.

7. Charlie St. Cloud

Synopsis – Charlie’s brother, Sam, dies in a car crash that Charlie survives. Charlie is given the gift of seeing his dead brother and others who he has lost such as his friend who died in the military, but when the girl he falls in love with’s life is at risk, he must choose between his girlfriend and his brother.

6. The Longest Ride

Synopsis – The lives of a young couple intertwine with a much older man, as he reflects back on a past love.

5. Me Before You

Movies Like Me Before You
Synopsis –A girl in a small town forms an unlikely bond with a recently-paralyzed man she’s taking care of.

10 Movies Like Me Before You [Best Recommendations]

4. Love, Rosie

Synopsis – Rosie and Alex have been best friends since they were 5, so they couldn’t possibly be right for one another…or could they? When it comes to love, life and making the right choices, these two are their own worst enemies.

3. Safe Haven

Synopsis – A young woman with a mysterious past lands in Southport, North Carolina where her bond with a widower forces her to confront the dark secret that haunts her.

2. The Vow

The VowSynopsis – A car accident puts Paige in a coma, and when she wakes up with severe memory loss, her husband Leo works to win her heart again.

1. The Notebook

Movies Like The NotebookSynopsis – A poor yet passionate young man falls in love with a rich young woman, giving her a sense of freedom, but they are soon separated because of their social differences.

10 Movies Like The Notebook [Best Recommendations]

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