Hey, guys hope you are having an amazing day. Here are my favorite picks for 10 Similar Anime Like Tsuki ga Kirei. This list is made by my personal opinion and If there’s a particular anime that you feel deserves to be on this list, leave us a comment and we’ll add it to the list. Also, keep in mind the list is in no particular order. Enjoy!

10 Anime Like Tsuki ga Kirei

10. Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san
9. Orange
8. Toradora!
7. Momokuri
6. Seiren
5. Kimi ni Todoke: From Me to You
4. Hourou Musuko (Wandering Son)
3. Just Because!
2. The Pet Girl of Sakurasou (Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo)
1. Tsuredure Children

10. Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san

Karakai Jouzu no Takagi sanSynopsis – “If you blush, you lose.”
Living by this principle, the middle schooler Nishikata gets constantly made fun of by his seat neighbor Takagi-san. With his pride shattered to pieces, he vows to turn the tables and get back at her someday. And so, he attempts to tease her day after day, only to find himself victim to Takagi-san’s ridicule again sooner than later. Will he be able to make Takagi-san blush from embarrassment even once in the end?

Similarity – Both are romance anime that really capsulate the “love” between teenagers. Both also had me grinning like a madman, so there’s that. My point is the fact that you will find another beautiful and pure love story on Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san, just like the one in Tsuki ga Kirei

9. Orange

OrangeSynopsis – In Matsumoto, Naho Takamiya, a second-year high school student, receives letters sent from herself 10 years into the future. Her future self-asks her to prevent her “biggest regrets”, which has something to do with the new transfer student from Tokyo, a boy named Kakeru Naruse. At first skeptical, Naho begins to believe the letters as they accurately predict events. Naho learns from the letters that in the future Kakeru is dead, having passed away by suicide around Valentine’s Day in the same school year in which he enrolled. On the night of Kakeru’s supposed death, the friends’ plan to meet up is interrupted as Kakeru does not arrive on time. The five search throughout Matsumoto and manage to stop him from getting hit by a truck. Kakeru apologizes, telling them that he had been thinking of suicide, but at the last second decided not to after realizing that doing so would mean that he would never see his friends again.

Similarity – Orange and Tsuki ha Kirei are both really great School/SliceOfLife/Romance anime, that really stand out in the genre. In both series’ the cast of characters is just perfect since you can’t hate on anyone on, because they all have their own, believable goals in mind. If you liked Orange (or Tsuki ga Kirei) you will fall in love with the other one for sure!

8. Toradora! (Tiger X Dragon)

ToradoraSynopsis – Despite Ryuji Takasu’s gentle personality, his eyes make him look like an intimidating delinquent. Class rearrangements on his second high school year put him together with his best friend, Yusaku Kitamura, and his hidden crush, Minori Kushieda. Along with these two comes Kushieda’s best friend, Taiga Aisaka. Her delicate appearance contrasts with her brutal personality. Secretly in love with Kitamura, Taiga agrees to help Ryuji with his love interest as long as he helps her get closer to hers.

Similarity – Both shows have a school romance setting. While Toradora deals with love between multiple people in high school, Tsuki ga Kirei deals with young middle school love between two awkward teens. It shows how difficult love can be for people new to it, just like the whole deal with Ryuugi and Taiga.

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7. Momokuri

MomokuriSynopsis – After taking one hundred secret photos and observing him from afar for months, second-year high schooler Yuki Kurihara has finally mustered up the courage to ask out her first-year crush Shinya “Momo” Momotsuki. Although taken by surprise, the bashful Momo accepts; however, he does not know the profoundly abnormal truth. As her strait-laced friend, Norika Mizuyama, has observed, Yuki has developed some unnerving—but nonetheless sincere—habits: taking pictures of Momo in secret, doing extensive research into his personal life, collecting his used straws, and even going “Momo watching.”

Though Momo remains blissfully unaware of his new girlfriend’s peculiar habits, he does notice some oddities in their daily conversations. Still unsure and nervous about his first relationship, Momo finds himself regularly getting into awkward interactions due to his inexperience, but nevertheless resolves to make his new girlfriend happy.

Similarity – Both are shows that’ll REALLY make you just feel all jittery and happy from seeing such a cute couple blossom and go through all the things young, inexperienced teenagers go through, that we never got to experience but always fantasized about.

6. Seiren

SeirenSynopsis – Shōichi Kamita is an ordinary high school boy, who is faced with university entrance exams and worries about his future. This campus romantic comedy, “SEIREN” (Seiren means honest in Japanese), depicts his pure relationship with three different heroines. Each story is the unique and mutual memory between him and the heroine.

Similarity – its has similar art style, and similar theme
they both have a little bit of a realistic feels to it,
no exaggerated comedy, or colorful hairs

5. Kimi ni Todoke: From Me to You

Kimi ni Todoke
Synopsis – Sawako Kuronuma’s one wish in life is to make friends. That’s a difficult proposition when everyone who meets her cowers in terror, due to her resemblance to Sadako (after whom they nickname her) from the Japanese horror movie series The Ring. Shunned by her classmates, her life starts to change after she befriends her classmate, Shōta Kazehaya, a popular, easygoing and 100% refreshing guy who is nice with everyone, even with her.

Similarity – Kimi ni Todoke and Tsuki ga Kirei are truly gems in the romance department that are rarely seen in anime nowadays in which you have a pure relationship born from circumstances that the audience can actually relate to. The characters aren’t blatantly unrealistic or in possession of supernatural/magical ability. They are simply two, normal individuals, who find affection in one another as they steadily become more involved with one another over time—recognizing each other’s virtues and personalities.

4. Hourou Musuko (Wandering Son)

Hourou Musuko (Wandering Son)Synopsis – Effeminate fifth grader Shuuichi Nitori is considered by most to be one of the prettiest girls in school, but much to her dismay, she is actually biologically male. Fortunately, Shuuichi has a childhood friend who has similar feelings of discomfort related to gender identity: the lanky tomboy Yoshino Takatsuki, who, though biologically female, does not identify as a girl. These two friends share a similar secret and find solace in one another; however, their lives become even more complicated when they must tread the unfamiliar waters of a new school, attempt to make new friends, and struggle to maintain old ones. Faced with nearly insurmountable odds, they must learn to deal with the harsh realities of growing up, transsexuality, relationships, and acceptance.

Lauded as a decidedly serious take on gender identity and LGBT struggles, Takako Shimura’s Hourou Musuko is about Shuuichi and Yoshino’s attempts to discover their true selves as they enter puberty, make friends, fall in love, and face some very real and difficult choices.

Similarity – These shows have pretty similar art styles and are grade school dramas that are about self-discovery. The biggest difference is that Hourou Musuko is more about gender identity while Tsuki ga Kirei is all about romance built from the ground up.

3. Just Because!

Just BecauseSynopsis – As another school year begins drawing to a close, the third-year high school students move steadily toward the next milestone of their lives: graduation. Among them are Mio Natsume, a girl burdened with lingering feelings; Hazuki Morikawa, a member of the concert band but distant from the others; and Haruto Souma, an athlete obsessed with baseball. Meanwhile, second-year student Ena Komiya seeks to revive the photography club to its former glory, refusing to let the organization be disbanded. Though this group lacks a strong connection with one another, their lives suddenly cross paths with the arrival of a third-year transfer student.

While a transfer so close to graduation is unusual for most, it is business as usual for Eita Izumi. Due to his father’s work, he has never been able to stay in one place for very long. But as luck would have it, their most recent relocation has returned Eita to his hometown for his final semester of high school. For better or worse, it also sparks the rekindling of old relationships left behind in the past.

With graduation already causing its own share of anxieties, Eita’s sudden arrival brings these students’ carefree days to an abrupt end. Long-forgotten memories, deeply buried emotions, and inspiring new passions—everything is brought to light in their bittersweet final semester.

Similarity – Tsuki ga Kirei could be seen as a version of Just Because! in middle school. Besides having the same atmosphere, the romance type is very close to the one observed in Just Because!. They seem very realistic and not sometimes overly comic and silly.
The pace is very comfortable where there are no redundancies that’ll make the story boring. It captures the viewer from the start until the end. The innocence of the characters in Tsuki ga is very notable. Probably its what it makes better than Just Because! where they are older.
Calm, nice and very cozy school romance dramas.

2. The Pet Girl of Sakurasou (Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo)

Sakurasou no Pet na KanojoSynopsis – Sorata is kicked out of his high-school dorms for keeping a cat, and moves into a small dorm called Sakurasō. It turns out that all the residents, in addition to being uncontrollable and weird, are outstanding in some way: a well-known animator, a scriptwriter, a programmer. A beautiful girl called Mashiro moves in who is an internationally known painter but is so devoted to art that she can’t even dress, and Sorata is given the job of looking after her. Through her and the other residents, he learns who he is and what he wants to do.

Similarity – If you like sweet romance stories with a bit of drama, you will like both of those shows. Both are quite slow paced but satisfying.
Both main characters have different talents and dreams for the future, so the shows are not all about romance 24/7, but the characters feel realistic and not just existing for the sole purpose of falling in love.
I hope this recommendation helps and you’ll check one out if you like the other.

1. Tsuredure Children

Hourou Musuko (Wandering Son) Synopsis – Young love—it takes many unique and fascinating forms that flourish as children begin to mature into adults. From being unable to confess to not knowing what real love actually feels like, various obstacles can arise when learning about romantic attraction for the first time. But underneath all that, young love is something truly beautiful to behold, leading to brand new experiences for those young and in love.

Tsurezure Children depicts various scenarios of young love coming to fruition, along with the struggles and joys that it entails.

Similarity – The plot of Tsurezure is similar to the romance skits done at the end of each episode of Tsuki ga Kirei. Each skit focuses on a particular couple. Both anime are similar in terms of their “romcom” elements. The only difference is that Tsuki ga Kirei is mostly centralized around one couple and Tsurezure revolves around variously selected couples.

Credits – MAL, ANN


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