Hey, guys hope you are having an amazing day. Here are my favorite picks for 10 Similar Anime Like Shiki. This list is made by my personal opinion and If there’s a particular anime that you feel deserves to be on this list, leave us a comment and we’ll add it to the list. Also, keep in mind the list is in no particular order. Enjoy!

10 Anime Like Shiki

10. Kyougoku Natsuhiko: Kousetsu Hyaku Monogatari
9. Ajin
8. Shingeki no Kyojin
7. Corpse Party: Tortured Souls – Bougyakusareta Tamashii no Jukyou
6. Mayoiga
5. Kurozuka
4. Death Parade
3. Shinsekai yori
2. Another
1. Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

10. Kyougoku Natsuhiko: Kousetsu Hyaku Monogatari

Synopsis – Tired of writing riddles for children, Yamaoka Momosuke plans on gathering spooky and gruesome stories and publishing them in an anthology called Hyakumonogatari (“One Hundred Tales”). While researching these old myths and legends he comes across a mysterious trio who call themselves the Ongyou. They are detectives who are investigating the legends to reveal their truths…and bring those in the wrong to justice. Each time Momosuke meets the Ongyou he must face horrible truths and battle with his morals, but he’s seeing things he shouldn’t be seeing…

Similarity –Same Mystery, and Supernatural elements.
Great thriller scenes not knowing why or who will be killed next.
Both MC’s try to save as many innocent people as they can.
The two series have great art work and character design.
These series also share great opening and ending music.

9. Ajin

Ajin Demi Human

Synopsis – Mysterious immortal humans known as “Ajin” first appeared 17 years ago in Africa. Upon their discovery, they were labeled as a threat to mankind, as they might use their powers for evil and were incapable of being destroyed. Since then, whenever an Ajin is found within society, they are to be arrested and taken into custody immediately.

Studying hard to become a doctor, Kei Nagai is a high schooler who knows very little about Ajin, only having seen them appear in the news every now and then. Students are taught that these creatures are not considered to be human, but Kei doesn’t pay much attention in class. As a result, his perilously little grasp on this subject proves to be completely irrelevant when he survives an accident that was supposed to claim his life, signaling his rebirth as an Ajin and the start of his days of torment. However, as he finds himself alone on the run from the entire world, Kei soon realizes that more of his species may be a lot closer than he thinks.

Similarity – What does it mean to be human? What separates man from monster? These are questions both Shiki and Ajin explore. With a battle between mortals and immortals, they show the points of view from both sides, and execute it well. Both series greatly deal with the darkness within humanity, and if the “monsters” really are in the wrong.

8. Shingeki no Kyojin

Shingeki no Kyojin or Attack on Titan

Synopsis- Centuries ago, mankind was slaughtered to near extinction by monstrous humanoid creatures called Titans, forcing humans to hide in fear behind enormous concentric walls. What makes these giants truly terrifying is that their taste for human flesh is not born out of hunger but what appears to be out of pleasure. To ensure their survival, the remnants of humanity began living within defensive barriers, resulting in one hundred years without a single titan encounter. However, that fragile calm is soon shattered when a colossal titan manages to breach the supposedly impregnable outer wall, reigniting the fight for survival against the man-eating abominations.

After witnessing a horrific personal loss at the hands of the invading creatures, Eren Yeager dedicates his life to their eradication by enlisting into the Survey Corps, an elite military unit that combats the merciless humanoids outside the protection of the walls. Based on Hajime Isayama’s award-winning manga, Shingeki no Kyojin follows Eren, along with his adopted sister Mikasa Ackerman and his childhood friend Armin Arlert, as they join the brutal war against the Titans and race to discover a way of defeating them before the last walls are breached.

Similarity – Both are familiar in a way that humans are living in terror/despair of “monsters”.
•Both contain absolute tragedy and despair, in the most inhumane ways and show the mentality of the humans and how their brain reacts in certain situations about the “monster” beings, as to what will they do, fight back, research, destroy, stay away from them, keep close to others; the list goes on.
•Both are mysterious with their plot as they progress, and leave the viewer on edge, angst, frustration, envious, anger etc. Either way, it will leave the viewer wanting more.
•Both contain action in the most brutal and cliff-hanging moments, which are always a do or die situation.
•Both question humanity, and as the story progresses, personalities change, mindsets change from every distinct factor that has happened as the story progresses. Will they die like the rest or fight for survival? Either way, each character obtains determination towards their goal.
•They are similar in a way that they are very interesting and yet different. You might like if you like the other, but it depends.

7. Corpse Party: Tortured Souls – Bougyakusareta Tamashii no Jukyou

Corpse Party Tortured Souls

Synopsis – Nine students gather in their high school at night to bid farewell to a friend. As is customary among many high school students, they perform a sort of ritual for them to remain friends forever, using small paper charms shaped like dolls.

However, the students do not realize that these charms are connected to Heavenly Host Academy—an elementary school that was destroyed years ago after a series of gruesome murders took place, a school that rests under the foundation of their very own Kisaragi Academy. Now, trapped in an alternate dimension with vengeful ghosts of the past, the students must work together to escape—or join the spirits of the damned forever.

A feast for mystery fanatics, gore-hounds, and horror fans alike, Corpse Party: Tortured Souls – Bougyakusareta Tamashii no Jukyou shows a sobering look at redemption, sacrifice, and how the past is always right behind, sometimes a little too close for comfort.

Similarity – In both shows, the initial cast is essentially ‘haunted’ by a spiritual entity, which torments the group (More killing in Shiki as there is a larger cast). Eventually, the group realizes what is causing the disturbance, and bands together to put an end to the troubles

6. Mayoiga

Synopsis – A bus full of eccentric individuals is headed towards the urban legend known as Nanaki Village, a place where one can supposedly start over and live a perfect life. While many have different ideas of why the village cannot be found on any map, or why even the police cannot pinpoint its location, they each look forward to their new lives and just what awaits them once they reach their destination.

After a few mishaps, they successfully arrive at Nanaki Village only to find it completely abandoned. Judging from the state of disrepair, it has been vacant for at least a year. However, secrets are soon revealed as some of the group begin to go missing while exploring the village and amidst the confusion, they find bloody claw marks in a forest. As mistrust and in-fighting break out, will they ever be able to figure out the truth behind this lost village?

Similarity –
-Set in a rural village
-Bunch of shitty annoying characters: if you like this point, you’d like both anime.
Both are worth watching for their life morals especially Shiki but both can really push your patience as the characters’ level of annoyance is beyond one’s imagination

5. Kurozuka

Synopsis –The original novel is about a 12th-century man named Minamoto no Yoshitsune (Kurou). Kurou flees into the mountains after losing to his brother Minamoto no Yoritomo, the first Shogun to rule all of Japan. History records that he committed suicide, but instead, Kurou meets a strange, beautiful woman named Kuromitsu in her mountain hermitage. Eventually, Kurou falls in love with Kuromitsu but then realizes she conceals a dark secret. He learns that he is unable to die and continues to live for a thousand years as Japan evolves into a future society.

Similarity – Both are intelligent takes on the vampire tale.

Shiki has a linear plot though, and takes its cues from Western vampire stories, while Kurozuka is far more complicated to follow and harks back to the more traditional Eastern vampire folklore.

4. Death Parade

Death Parade

Synopsis – After death, there is no heaven or hell, only a bar that stands between reincarnation and oblivion. There the attendant will, one after another, challenge pairs of the recently deceased to a random game in which their fate of either ascending into reincarnation or falling into the void will be wagered. Whether it’s bowling, darts, air hockey, or anything in between, each person’s true nature will be revealed in a ghastly parade of death and memories, dancing to the whims of the bar’s master. Welcome to Quindecim, where Decim, arbiter of the afterlife, awaits!

Death Parade expands upon the original one-shot intended to train young animators. It follows yet more people receiving judgment—until a strange, black-haired guest causes Decim to begin questioning his own rulings.

Similarity – Both have a theme of dead peoples who get alive again. Both have two options , In Death, parade peoples are either send to void or reincarnated and in Shiki peoples either die or came back to live being vampires. Both have a main character who is male and have to do there work even if he wants it or not, as in Shiki the doctor has his duty to protect the village from diseases and have to kill vampires though in Death parade the bartender has to make give pain to people’s to judge them. The both have gore, blood, and deaths.

3. Shinsekai Yori

Synopsis – Following a sudden outbreak of psychokinesis in 0.1% of the population, a rapid transformation swept the world. The godlike ability to manipulate matter remotely turned many power wielders to violence, inciting a long period of upheaval. Finally, after a chaotic era shaped by the rise and fall of oppressive regimes, the psychic humans were able to achieve a fragile peace by isolating their society, creating a new world bound by complex rules.

In the town of Kamisu 66, 12-year-old Saki Watanabe has just awakened to her powers and is relieved to rejoin her friends—the mischievous Satoru Asahina, the shy Mamoru Itou, the cheerful Maria Akizuki, and Shun Aonuma, a mysterious boy whom Saki admires—at Sage Academy, a special school for psychics. However, unease looms as Saki begins to question the fate of those unable to awaken to their powers, and the children begin to get involved with secretive matters such as the rumored Tainted Cats said to abduct children.

Shinsekai Yori tells the unique coming-of-age story of Saki and her friends as they journey to grow into their roles in the supposed utopia. Accepting these roles, however, might not come easy when faced with the dark and shocking truths of society, and the impending havoc born from the new world.

Similarity – Shinsekai Yori and Shiki both deal with the human psyche and its tendencies. These series show how these tendencies could be flawed which in turn may lead to irrational behavior and unfortunate circumstances.

The setting is similar, remote/traditional/strict Japanese villages.

Both deal with a deviation in normal human genetics. (Zombie/Vampire-like people in Shiki and Esper powers in Shinsekai Yori)

Both deal with opposing factions that truly do not have a right or wrong side to them.

Both shows are very thought-provoking and would recommend one if you enjoyed the other.

2. Another


Synopsis – When Kōichi Sasakibara transfers to his new school, he can sense something frightening in the atmosphere of his new class, a secret none of them will talk about. At the center is the beautiful girl Mei Misaki. Kōichi is immediately drawn to her mysterious aura, but then he begins to realize that no one else in the class is aware of her presence.

Similarity – Shiki and Another are mystery and horror anime that share the same type of overall dread for the viewer. They take place in a quiet and sleepy town that soon gives way to the chaos and paranoia flowing within everyone’s psyche. They also feature mysterious girls whose presence and existence psychologically bash everyone else’s sanity and causes a train-wreck, chain-reaction-like phenomenon, that leaves many dead and others messed up from the sheer horror and unspeakable events that unfold. Both series, especially Shiki, also offer really unique animation and creepy background music. If you liked watching one of them I highly recommend trying out the other.

1. Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

Synopsis – Keiichi Maebara has just moved to the quiet little village of Hinamizawa in the summer of 1983 and quickly becomes inseparable friends with schoolmates Rena Ryuuguu, Mion Sonozaki, Satoko Houjou, and Rika Furude. However, darkness lurks underneath the seemingly idyllic life they lead.

As the village prepares for its annual festival, Keiichi learns about the local legends surrounding it. To his horror, he discovers that there have been several murders and disappearances in the village in the recent years and that they all seem to be connected to the festival and the village’s patron god, Oyashiro. Keiichi tries to ask his new friends about these incidents, but they are suspiciously silent and refuse to give him the answers he needs. As more and more bizarre events occur, he wonders just what else his friends might be keeping from him, and if he can even trust them at all.

When madness and paranoia begin taking root in Keiichi’s heart, he will stumble straight into the mysteries at work in Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, a story that is told across multiple arcs.

Similarity – Both animes have the same initial plot: a peaceful rural village that is suddenly surrounded by deadly mysteries.

They both carry the mysteries they hold very well, and go gradually solving them and at the same time throwing other hints at the viewers.

Coincidentally, Rika Furude (from Higurashi) and Sunako Kirishiki (from Shiki) share a strong resemblance. Both girls have blue-ish hair, both change moods from cute little girls to wise leaders, and also both are revealed to have a similar dark secret.

Also, both animes verge on the supernatural when showing the solutions to the crimes/mysteries.

The culture of the people, revolving around legends and myths, is also a subject that both animes bring. Higurashi’s people believe in the Oyashiro-sama, a goddess that lays curse on people so that they are killed during an annual festival. Shiki’s people on the other way, come with the legend of the Okiagari, people that die and come back to the world of living as a demon.

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