Hey, guys hope you are having an amazing day. Here are my favorite picks for 10 Similar Anime Like Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan (The Disastrous Life of Saiki K). This list is made by my personal opinion and If there’s a particular anime that you feel deserves to be on this list, leave us a comment and we’ll add it to the list. Also, keep in mind the list is in no particular order. Enjoy!

10 Anime Like Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan (The Disastrous Life of Saiki K)

10. Aho Girl
9. Senyuu
8. SKET Dance
7. Tsuki ga Kirei
6. Re:Creators
5. Sakamoto desu ga? (Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto)
4. Gintama
3. Mob Psycho 100
2. One Punch Man
1. Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou (Daily Lives of High School Boys)

10. Aho Girl

Aho Girl
Synopsis – Yoshiko Hanabatake is an idiot beyond all belief. Somehow managing to consistently score zeroes on all of her tests and consumed by an absurd obsession with bananas, her senseless acts have caused even her own mother to lose all hope. Only one person is up to the task of keeping her insanity in check: childhood friend Akuru “A-kun” Akutsu.

Though he bemoans the ridiculous behavior he has to endure, the studious but terrifying A-kun is always ready to put an end to any stupidity Yoshiko gets up to, with no qualms about using physical force. Unfortunately, no matter how many times he attempts to knock some sense into her, the girl bounces right back to her usual shenanigans, even dragging in some other eccentrics along for the ride. Try as he might to rein in her nonsense, every moment is unpredictable with Yoshiko and her profound idiocy on the loose.

Similarity – Why did I recommend this when Saiki is a genius and Yoshiko is an idiot.
Because everyone besides Saiki is completely clueless.
Yoshiko’s childhood friend is somehow similar to Saiki.
Both anime have minimalistic art and many colors.
Both are fun to watch.

9. Senyuu

SenyuuSynopsis – Once upon a time, the demon lord Rchimedes spread terror throughout the world until he was eventually sealed away by the legendary hero Creation. Since then, a thousand years have passed peacefully. However, a mysterious hole has opened up between the demon and human spheres, and countless demons have surged into the human realm once more. Coming to the conclusion that Rchimedes would soon return to wreak havoc, a human king summons the possible descendants of the legendary hero—all 75 of them. Unfortunately, after so long, it was too difficult to pinpoint his true descendants.

Among the lionhearted prospects is the amateur adventurer Alba Frühling. His skills may not be top-notch, but he is accompanied by the talented soldier Ross, who helps the young hero whenever he is in a pinch…or at least, he is supposed to. Though undoubtedly a skilled warrior, Ross is actually both sarcastic and sadistic and hence revels in Alba’s suffering.

Similarity – short, quick moving gag jokes. sarcastic character who acts tough/emotionless actually cares for his friends a lot more than he lets on. neither show takes itself too seriously. Senyuu has more of a plot building up in the background, while Saiki is solely comedic.

8. SKET Dance

SKET Dance

Synopsis – At Kaimei High School, the Living Assistance Club (AKA the Sket Brigade) was organized to help students with problems big or small. Most of the time, though, they hang out in their club room, bored, with only a few trivial problems floating in every once in a while. In spite of this, they still throw all their energy into solving these worries.

Similarity – Both centered around school with similar humor style. Saiki looks similar to Switch – aside from their appearance, both communicate with others in their unique ways (Saiki with his telepathy, Switch with his laptop). They’re funny as well in their own way. If you like one, you might like the other.

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7. Tsuki ga Kirei

Tsuki ga Kirei Synopsis – With a new school year comes a new crowd of classmates, and for their final year of junior high, aspiring writer Kotarou Azumi and track team member Akane Mizuno end up in the same class. Though initially complete strangers, a few chance encounters stir an innocent desire within their hearts. A yearning gaze, a fluttering heart—the hallmarks of young love slip into their lives as fate brings their paths to a cross.

However, though love is patient and love is kind, Kotarou and Akane discover it is not always straightforward. Despite the comfort they find in each other’s company, heartache and anxiety come hand in hand with pursuing the feelings in their hearts. With the uncertainty of how the other truly feels as well as the competing affections of those around them, the road ahead is unclear. Even so, under the shining light of a beautiful full moon, Kotarou gathers his courage to ask Akane a single question, one that forever changes their quiet relationship.

Similarity – Focusing on the Dad character in both of these anime series only, and yes, I do mean Kuniharu Saiki for Saiki and Hiroshi Mizuno for Tsuki ga Kirei. Both of the Dads have the same voice actor and have the same decently malleable personality. On a general level, these Dads are roughly the same Dad-like characters, in a good way, of course.

6. Re:Creators

Re Creators
Synopsis – High school student Sota is watching the anime Elemental Symphony of Vogelchevalier when he suddenly finds himself drawn into it. When he returns to his world, the heroine of that series, the warrior-princess Selesia Uptiria, comes with him. They soon discover that this is not an isolated case, as several characters from anime, manga, and video games are being transported into what they call “the realm of the gods” by the mysterious girl Military Uniform Princess. Some Creations seek to meet their Creators, while others have more hostile purposes.

Similarity – Both comedy anime that have so many similarities.

-Both mostly take places in school.
-Both MCs are overpowered.
-Both MC’s parents look kinda similar (especially their father)

5. Sakamoto desu ga? (Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto)

Anime like Handa kun
Synopsis – Sophisticated, suave, sublime; all words which describe the exceedingly handsome and patently perfect Sakamoto. Though it is only his first day in high school, his attractiveness, intelligence, and charm already have the girls swooning and the guys fuming with jealousy. No one seems able to derail him, as all attempts at tripping him up are quickly foiled. His sangfroid is indomitable, his wits peerless. Will any of Sakamoto’s classmates, or even teachers, be able to reach his level of excellence? Probably not, but they just might learn a thing or two trying…

Similarity – Basically the same type of humor, where the main character is overpowered and has a great influence on his class, while his classmates are totally unaware of it. Both are full of absurd, yet wacky and unexpected situations.

4. Gintama

Synopsis – In the early 17th century, Japan adopted strict isolation policies and severed almost all ties with foreign countries. In 1853, the US fleet commanded by Admiral Perry forced the doors open, leading to a modernization of the nation’s sociopolitical systems and the eventual fall of the Shogunate. The samurai regime ended its life with the imperial restoration in 1868. That’s what history tells, but in Gintama, that’s not what happens. Instead of the US fleet, the country is stormed by spaceships coming from four corners of the universe and soon we see it occupied by extraterrestrials.

The Shogunate has become a puppet of alien occupation armies. All samurais have been disarmed and reduced to temp workers with no skills who just try to make ends meet. Gintama is a story of a handyman named Gintoki, a samurai with no respect for rules set by the invaders, who’s ready to take any job to survive. He and his gang, however, are also among the very few who have not forgotten the morale of a swordsman. Wherever they go, all they do is to create troubles. Troubles that they, of course, try to solve, but in reality…

Similarity – Self aware
– 4th wall, what 4th wall?
– Deadpan protagonist with dead eyes
– Silly gags and puns
– Bright colours and simple lines

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3. Mob Psycho 100

Mob Psycho 100
Synopsis – “Mob” is a boy who will explode if his emotional capacity reaches 100%. This boy with psychic powers earned his nickname “Mob” because he does not stand out among other people. He keeps his psychic powers bottled up so he can live normally, but if his emotional level reaches 100, something will overwhelm his entire body.

Similarity – If you enjoyed the comedic side of Mob Psycho, you’ll definitely like Saiki Kusuo, a much less serious gag comedy focused around its similarly overpowered protagonist. While Mob is a bit out of it, Saiki is relentlessly cynical and sarcastic, giving the show a more intense, hilarious vibe compared to MP100. Don’t expect touching plot or drama from Saiki K, but it’s a great watch anyways. Likewise, if you enjoyed Saiki K but wish it was a tad more serious/dramatic, MP100 is wonderful. Both are great, highly recommend.

2. One Punch Man

One Punch ManSynopsis – On an unnamed Earth-like super-continent planet, strange monsters and supervillains have been mysteriously appearing and causing disasters. To combat them, the world’s superheroes have risen to fight them. Each of the Hero Association’s superheroes are ranked from S-Class which is the strongest to C-Class which is the weakest. Saitama is one such hero, hailing from the metropolis of Z-City. He has trained himself and grown strong to the point that he can effortlessly defeat any opponent with a single punch. However, Saitama became a hero for the fun of the experience, and he has lately become bored with his superhuman power and frustrated at the complete lack of strong opponents that can challenge him.

Similarity – Both are funny parody anime with the MC being a very overpowered person. Both eventually also gain an ‘apprentice’ of sorts who is overwhelmed by their power. I love both as they are both very funny, so give Saiki Kusuo a chance if you love the humour of the series.

1. Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou (Daily Lives of High School Boys)

Danshi Koukousei no NichijouSynopsis – Roaming the halls of the all-boys Sanada North High School are three close comrades: the eccentric ringleader with a hyperactive imagination Hidenori, the passionate Yoshitake, and the rational and prudent Tadakuni. Their lives are filled with giant robots, true love, and intense drama… in their colorful imaginations, at least. In reality, they are just an everyday trio of ordinary guys trying to pass the time, but who said everyday life couldn’t be interesting? Whether it’s an intricate RPG reenactment or an unexpected romantic encounter on the riverbank at sunset, Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou is rife with bizarre yet hilariously relatable situations that are anything but mundane.

Similarity – You should watch this whenever your bored this definitely make you laugh, There main Points in Here is The Comedy, it may be an average Humor but you could enjoy watching it while it progressed.
– both have a skit-like story telling
– both ridiculous
– characters get themselves in funny and not common situations

Credits – MAL



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