Hey, guys hope you are having an amazing day. Here are my favorite picks for 10 Similar Anime Like Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World (kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu). This list is made by my personal opinion and If there’s a particular anime that you feel deserves to be on this list, leave us a comment and we’ll add it to the list. Also, keep in mind the list is in no particular order. Enjoy!

10 Anime Like Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World (kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu)

10. Re:Creators
9. Shinsekai yori
8. Sakurada Reset
7. Grimgar: Ashes and Illusions
6. When They Cry – Higurashi (TV)
5. Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica
4. In Another World With My Smartphone
3. Boku dake ga Inai Machi
2. KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World!
1. Steins;Gate

10. Re:Creators

Synopsis – Humans have designed countless worlds—each one born from the unique imagination of its creator. Souta Mizushino is a high school student who aspires to be such a creator by writing and illustrating his own light novel. One day, while watching anime for inspiration, he is briefly transported into a fierce fight scene. When he returns to the real world, he realizes something is amiss: the anime’s headstrong heroine, Celestia Yupitilia, has somehow returned with him.

Before long, other fictional characters appear in the world, carrying the hopes and scars of their home. A princely knight, a magical girl, a ruthless brawler, and many others now crowd the streets of Japan. However, the most mysterious one is a woman in full military regalia, dubbed “Gunpuku no Himegimi,” who knows far more than she should about the creators’ world. Despite this, no one knows her true name or the world she is from.

Meanwhile, Souta and Celestia work together with Meteora Österreich, a calm and composed librarian NPC, to uncover the meaning behind these unnatural events. With powerful forces at play, the once clear line between reality and imagination continues to blur, leading to a fateful meeting between creators and those they created.

Similarity –Re:Zero plunges its protagonist into a fantasy world of wonder and suffering, with a unique setting and vibrant world. Re:Creators turns this idea inside out by pulling characters from fictional worlds into our familiar universe, and they all have their own agendas – whether for peace, lies, honor, or destruction.

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9. Shinsekai yori

Synopsis – Following a sudden outbreak of psychokinesis in 0.1% of the population, a rapid transformation swept the world. The godlike ability to manipulate matter remotely turned many power wielders to violence, inciting a long period of upheaval. Finally, after a chaotic era shaped by the rise and fall of oppressive regimes, the psychic humans were able to achieve a fragile peace by isolating their society, creating a new world bound by complex rules.

In the town of Kamisu 66, 12-year-old Saki Watanabe has just awakened to her powers and is relieved to rejoin her friends—the mischievous Satoru Asahina, the shy Mamoru Itou, the cheerful Maria Akizuki, and Shun Aonuma, a mysterious boy whom Saki admires—at Sage Academy, a special school for psychics. However, unease looms as Saki begins to question the fate of those unable to awaken to their powers, and the children begin to get involved with secretive matters such as the rumored Tainted Cats said to abduct children.

Shinsekai yori tells the unique coming-of-age story of Saki and her friends as they journey to grow into their roles in the supposed utopia. Accepting these roles, however, might not come easy when faced with the dark and shocking truths of society, and the impending havoc born from the new world.

Similarity – These series both explore supernatural psychological themes in a way that captivates their audience. While Re:Zero is focused on a style that combines fantasy, comedy, and dark events (meant for a less mature audience), Shinsekai Yori is a more realistic version of a psychological anime portrayed in a rather serious way (meant for a more mature audience). The dark themes in common to both are interesting to watch so you will probably like the other.

8. Sakurada Reset

Synopsis- Kei Asai lives in the oceanside city of Sakurada—a town where the inhabitants are born with strange abilities. On the school rooftop one day, he meets Misora Haruki, an apathetic girl with the power to reset anything around her up to three days prior. While no one knows when she has reset, not even Haruki, Kei can retain everything before the reset thanks to his own ability: photographic memory. After they successfully help someone by combining their powers, they join the Service Club to aid others in their town.

However, their club becomes involved with and begins completing missions for the mysterious Administration Bureau—an organization that focuses on managing the abilities in Sakurada and manipulating the town’s events for their own ends. They may find out that there are more things at work in Sakurada than the machinations of the uncanny organization.

Similarity – If you enjoyed the time resetting aspect of Re:Zero, then you should also enjoy watching Sakurada Reset. It has the same concept of resetting time, maintaining the memories of the past timeline and using that knowledge to conquer the current conflict. Sakurada Reset is more of a slice of life, with a wide variety of unique powers that characters control, and it also requires you to actually think about the small details of what is happening. Re:Zero focuses more on the psychological effect that resetting time and death has on an individual.

7. Grimgar: Ashes and Illusions

Hai to Gensou no Grimgar (Grimgar: Ashes and Illusions)Synopsis – Fear, survival, instinct. Thrown into a foreign land with nothing but hazy memories and the knowledge of their name, they can feel only these three emotions resonating deep within their souls. A group of strangers is given no other choice than to accept the only paying job in this game-like world—the role of a soldier in the Reserve Army—and eliminate anything that threatens the peace in their new world, Grimgar.

When all of the stronger candidates join together, those left behind must create a party together to survive: Manato, a charismatic leader and priest; Haruhiro, a nervous thief; Yume, a cheerful hunter; Shihoru, a shy mage; Mogzo, a kind warrior; and Ranta, a rowdy dark knight. Despite its resemblance to one, this is no game—there are no redos or respawns; it is kill or be killed.

It is now up to this ragtag group of unlikely fighters to survive together in a world where life and death are separated only by a fine line.

Similarity – After the “trapped in a video game/fantasy world” genre has long since been tired out, these two add a refreshing spin to that idea. Grimgar takes a much more serious and “real” tone to it, making the characters and scenarios much more believable and gripping, while Re:Zero’s “gimmick” is something that hasn’t really been done in its genre before, and adds a lot of layers and depth to its story. These two anime treat their viewer and stories with respect, and deliver similarly high drama (but not at all forced), genuinely intense experiences.

6. When They Cry – Higurashi (TV)

Synopsis – On one hot summer day in 1983, a transfer student named Maebara Keiichi comes to a peaceful rural village in Hinamizawa. There, he befriends his classmates Rena, Mion, Rika, and Satoko. Accepted as a full-fledged member of the “club,” Keiichi and the gang plays all sorts of activities ranging from card and board games to hide-and-seek. But just as Keiichi was beginning to be assimilated in simple rural life, he stumbles upon the dark history of Hinamizawa. As Keiichi dives deeper into the mystery, he finds that his new found friends may not be all what they claim to be.

Similarity – In both Anime we have a Harem in which a male main character comes to a new location and met some girls with which he makes friends and spent a lot of time.
Both Anime seems to be cheerful at first but with the way of the story they get a much darker and deeper plot with some kinds of mystery, an intense of violence and a lot of psychological elements, in which the characters can become too insane.
Another mutuality is that both series are shown with an arc format, in which the character’s revival after they die.

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5. Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica

Synopsis –Madoka Kaname and Sayaka Miki are regular middle school girls with regular lives, but all that changes when they encounter Kyuubey, a cat-like magical familiar, and Homura Akemi, the new transfer student.

Kyuubey offers them a proposition: he will grant any one of their wishes and in exchange, they will each become a magical girl, gaining enough power to fulfill their dreams. However, Homura Akemi, a magical girl herself, urges them not to accept the offer, stating that everything is not what it seems.

A story of hope, despair, and friendship, Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica deals with the difficulties of being a magical girl and the price one has to pay to make a dream come true.

Similarity – Both of them are about the main characters getting frustrated, overwhelmed, desperate, over situations they feel powerless against. In both of them you end up putting yourself in the place of the main characters and you can actually feel their emotions, and that’s what makes those extremely hard to rewatch (at least for me).

There are other similarities such as time travel (Subaru’s power seems to have been inspired by one of the characters of Madoka, and if that’s not the case, they are almost identical) , magic, awesome soundtracks (Madoka’s ost is just too good), witches, and the list goes on. If you liked one of them you’ll almost certainly like the other.

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4. In Another World With My Smartphone

In Another World With My Smartphone (Isekai wa Sumātofon to Tomo ni)
Synopsis – In a thoughtless blunder, God accidentally strikes down Touya Mochizuki with a stray bolt of lightning! As an apology, God offers him one wish and the chance to live again in a magical fantasy world. Touya happily accepts the offer and, for his one wish, asks only to keep his smartphone with him as he begins his journey into this mysterious world.

Starting over in this new world, Touya finds it is filled with magic—which he has an affinity for—and cute girls vying for his attention. These girls—the twins Linze and Elze Silhoueska, Yumina Urnea Belfast, Leen, and Yae Kokonoe—provide Touya with no end of romantic frustrations, but also companionship as he discovers the secrets of this new world.

Similarity – Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni. is a HUGE step down from Re:Zero, but it is important to notice the fundamental differences.

The MC in Isekai is OP as f***, while the MC in Re:Zero could be considered weak in a way.
Both anime depict an MCs in another world, but do it in a drastically different way.

In my experience, I only watched Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni. because I loved how the animators had the balls to adapt this crap material. In a way, I was actively seeking how bad it was. For people that are not very critical, Isekai was Smartphone to Tomo ni. may be for them

3. Boku dake ga Inai Machi

Boku dake ga Inai Machi (ERASED)
Synopsis – When tragedy is about to strike, Satoru Fujinuma finds himself sent back several minutes before the accident occurs. The detached, 29-year-old manga artist has taken advantage of this powerful yet mysterious phenomenon, which he calls “Revival,” to save many lives.

However, when he is wrongfully accused of murdering someone close to him, Satoru is sent back to the past once again, but this time to 1988, 18 years in the past. Soon, he realizes that the murder may be connected to the abduction and killing of one of his classmates, the solitary and mysterious Kayo Hinazuki, that took place when he was a child. This is his chance to make things right.

Boku dake ga Inai Machi follows Satoru in his mission to uncover what truly transpired 18 years ago and prevent the death of his classmate while protecting those he cares about in the present

Similarity – While BokuMachi is set in our modern world and Re:Zero is in a fantasy world, both anime have the basic premise where the protagonist has the ability to reset their experience to a certain point in order to avoid a dead end. Further similarities lie in the fact that both characters have very little control over this phenomenon. Note that the series focuses on using this ability to avoid bad end, rather than getting the bottom of this mysterious phenomenon.

2. KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World!

KonoSuba God’s blessing on this wonderful world

Synopsis – After dying a laughable and pathetic death on his way back from buying a game, high school student and recluse Kazuma Satou finds himself sitting before a beautiful but obnoxious goddess named Aqua. She provides the NEET with two options: continue on to heaven or reincarnate in every gamer’s dream—a real fantasy world! Choosing to start a new life, Kazuma is quickly tasked with defeating a Demon King who is terrorizing villages. But before he goes, he can choose one item of any kind to aid him in his quest, and the future hero selects Aqua. But Kazuma has made a grave mistake—Aqua is completely useless!

Unfortunately, their troubles don’t end here; it turns out that living in such a world is far different from how it plays out in a game. Instead of going on a thrilling adventure, the duo must first work to pay for their living expenses. Indeed, their misfortunes have only just begun!

Similarity – In each of these series they have a very similar premise and atmosphere. The main protagonist is taken to an alternate RPG-style fantasy world and is left there with a bare minimum skill set and the tracksuits on their back. They each meet a female who helps guide them in the new world. KonoSuba takes a harem/comedy route and in ReZero it has a much more serious tone with more of a dramatic story.

1. Steins;Gate

steins gateSynopsis – Rintaro Okabe is a self-proclaimed “mad scientist” who believes that an international organization is conspiring to reshape the world according to its own interests. He and his friend Itaru Hashida inadvertently create a gadget able to send messages to the past. The discovery and experimentation of this instrument become the catalyst of fundamental alterations to the present. Oblivious to the consequences of their actions, Rintaro and his friends end up creating modifications of grievous proportions. He must then try to find a way to return as close as possible to the original timeline in order to save his precious lab members.

Similarity – Time traveling is always a popular theme for anime. But it is risky because it can cause a lot of plot holes. Then again those two anime don’t have a problem with that at all. Both mc have similar goal and reason for using time travel again and again. Steins;Gate hasn’t got any real fight scenes but it has much philosophical approach about time travel. Both are done by the same studio so animation style is similar too.

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