Hey, guys hope you are having an amazing day. Here are my favorite picks for 10 Similar Anime Like Kokoro Connect. This list is made by my personal opinion and If there’s a particular anime that you feel deserves to be on this list, leave us a comment and we’ll add it to the list. Also, keep in mind the list is in no particular order. Enjoy!

10 Anime Like Kokoro Connect

10. The Pet Girl of Sakurasou
9. Glasslip
8. Waiting in the Summer
7. Tari Tari
5. A Lull in the Sea
4. Hyouka
3. anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day
2. Kiznaiver
1. Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches

10. The Pet Girl of Sakurasou

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo
Synopsis – When abandoned kittens and his good conscience force second-year Sorata Kanda to move into Suimei High School’s infamous Sakura Hall, the satellite dorm and its eccentric, misfit residents turn his life upside down. The decidedly average Sorata finds it difficult to fit in with the bizarre collection of dorm residents like Misaki, an energetic animator; Jin, a playwright playboy; Ryuunosuke, a reclusive programmer; and Chihiro, the dorm manager, art teacher, and party girl.

Sorata’s friend Nanami, a second-year student and aspiring voice actress, pushes him to find new owners for the many cats so that he can quickly move back into the regular dorms. However, his desire to escape Sakura Hall wavers when the pet-like and infantile second year Mashiro Shiina, a world-class artistic savant looking to become a mangaka, transfers in during the spring trimester and quickly latches onto him.

Supported by each other’s quirks, Sorata and Mashiro come out of their shells and trigger change in the lives of those around them. Based on the light novel series of the same name, Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo explores the fine threads connecting talent, hard work, romance, and friendship with its ensemble cast.

Similarity –Kokoro Connect and Sakurasou both explore the complexities and significance of teenage relationships. While Kokoro Connect contains supernatural themes, both series revolve around understanding the importance of friendship, especially during adolescence. Romance is present in both series and fans of one will likely be able to enjoy the other.

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9. Glasslip

GlasslipSynopsis – What if you hold the power to hear the voices or see fragments of images from the future? Would that be a good thing or a bad thing? Glasslip follows the life of Touko Fukami, an aspiring glass artist born from a glass artisan family. She enjoys her worry-free life in Fukui, save for the fragments of images that she sees on occasion.

On her 18th summer, she meets the transfer student Kakeru Okikura at her school, and then again at her favorite café called Kazemichi together with all four of her friends. The voices from the future lead Kakeru to Touko, and his arrival disrupts her mediocre existence. All six of the friends must face their most unforgettable summer full of hope, affection, and heartache.

Similarity – A group of five friends, enjoying school life, then a mysterious new person comes along and supernatural events begin to occur. The group’s friendship is strained whilst feelings for each other are unfurled.

8. Waiting in the Summer

Waiting in the Summer (Ano Natsu de Matteru)Synopsis- While testing out his camera on a bridge one summer night, Kaito Kirishima sees a blue light streaking across the sky, only to be blown off the railing seconds later. Just before succumbing to unconsciousness, a hand reaches down to grab ahold of his own. Dazed and confused, Kaito wakes up the next morning wondering how he ended up back in his own room with no apparent injuries or any recollection of the night before. As he proceeds with his normal school life, Kaito and his friends discuss what to do with his camera, finally deciding to make a film with it over their upcoming summer break. Noticing that Kaito has an interest in the new upperclassmen Ichika Takatsuki, his friend Tetsurou Ishigaki decides to invite her, as well as her friend Remon Yamano, to join them in their movie project.

In what becomes one of the most entertaining and exciting summers of their lives, Kaito and his friends find that their time spent together is not just about creating a film, but something much more meaningful that will force them to confront their true feelings and each other.

Similarity – Main characters are just relaxing in their daily lives until some supernatural entity enters it. They try to stay as friends while dealing with the alien, and learn different morals on their journey.

7. Tari Tari

Tari TariSynopsis – At Shirahamazaka High School, a special recital is held every year in which music students are able to showcase their talents in front of professionals and other prestigious guests. A third year, Konatsu Miyamoto desperately wants to sing in her last high school recital, but because she screwed up the year before, the vice principal has barred her from participating.

That’s when Konatsu comes up with a new plan to get involved; instead of joining the official choir, she’ll form her own singing club with her friends! Unfortunately, this proves to be harder than she imagined. Her friend Wakana Sakai, has given up on singing, for one, and Konatsu needed more than just two members. With only a month left until the recital, will Konatsu be able to find enough members for her club and actually be ready to sing at one of the most important events of the school year and graduate without regrets?

Similarity – Club activity and friendship. Tari Tari doesn’t have supernatural element but both Tari Tari and Kokoro Connect contain many emotions in slice of life. Every character from both anime have their problems whether in the present or in the past. And the friendship strengthened when every problem occur. Tear and joy, happiness and sadness, and other emotion will wrap every event that they went through. Both anime suitable for those who love a feel in slice of life of high school students.


Synopsis – Dismissed as a hopeless loser by those around him, 27-year-old Arata Kaizaki bounces around from one job to another after quitting his first company. His unremarkable existence takes a sharp turn when he meets Ryou Yoake, a member of the ReLife Research Institute, who offers Arata the opportunity to change his life for the better with the help of a mysterious pill. Taking it without a second thought, Arata awakens the next day to find that his appearance has reverted to that of a 17-year-old.

Arata soon learns that he is now the subject of a unique experiment and must attend high school as a transfer student for one year. Though he initially believes it will be a cinch due to his superior life experience, Arata is proven horribly wrong on his first day: he flunks all his tests, is completely out of shape, and can’t keep up with the new school policies that have cropped up in the last 10 years. Furthermore, Ryou has been assigned to observe him, bringing Arata endless annoyance. ReLIFE follows Arata’s struggle to adjust to his hectic new lifestyle and avoid repeating his past mistakes, all while slowly discovering more about his fellow classmates.

Similarity – Both series are a “deconstruction” (that is a very overused term.) of teenage social relationships. ReLIFE explores them from the point of view of a grown-up dude who is shrinked into the body of a teenager and has to attend high school, while Kokoro Connect makes its own entire cast go over and analyze their friendships because of some mysterious spell, bringing empathy and hostility between the group flourish.

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5. A Lull in the Sea

Nagi no Asukara (A Lull in the Sea)
Synopsis –Long ago, all humans lived beneath the sea. However, some people preferred the surface and abandoned living underwater permanently. As a consequence, they were stripped of their God-given protection called “Ena” which allowed them to breathe underwater. Over time, the rift between the denizens of the sea and of the surface widened, although contact between the two peoples still existed.

Nagi no Asukara follows the story of Hikari Sakishima and Manaka Mukaido, along with their childhood friends Chisaki Hiradaira and Kaname Isaki, who are forced to leave the sea and attend a school on the surface. There, the group also meets Tsumugu Kihara, a fellow student and fisherman who loves the sea.

Hikari and his friends’ lives are bound to change as they have to deal with the deep-seated hatred and discrimination between the people of sea and of the surface, the storms in their personal lives, as well as an impending tempest which may spell doom for all who dwell on the surface.

Similarity – Friends figuring out their feelings for each other and those around them, all while having a looming threat/danger to deal with at the same time. Both series are very dramatic, and many things happen in very short time-spans all at once, making the stories seem somewhat hard to believe. But nonetheless, the drama does keep you constantly questioning what will happen next, and keeps the stories fresh.

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4. Hyouka

Synopsis – Energy-conservative high school student Houtarou Oreki ends up with more than he bargained for when he signs up for the Classics Club at his sister’s behest—especially when he realizes how deep-rooted the club’s history really is. Begrudgingly, Oreki is dragged into an investigation concerning the 45-year-old mystery that surrounds the club room.

Accompanied by his fellow club members, the knowledgeable Satoshi Fukube, the stern but benign Mayaka Ibara, and the ever-curious Eru Chitanda, Oreki must combat deadlines and lack of information with resourcefulness and hidden talent, in order to not only find the truth buried beneath the dust of works created years before them, but of other small side cases as well.

Based on the award-winning Koten-bu light novel series, and directed by Yasuhiro Takemoto of Suzumiya Haruhi no Shoushitsu, Hyouka shows that normal life can be full of small mysteries, be it family history, a student film, or even the withered flowers that make up a ghost story.

Similarity – Less drama, but still has the mystery component. You’ll find yourself rooting for romance but both of them still heavily focus on plot instead of letting romance destroy it. They both have a mystery component which is really interesting but Hyouka’s main mystery is in the first few episodes while Kokoro Connect extends and extends. The episodes after the main mystery in Hyouka are slice-of-life and school life mysteries

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3. anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day

Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai
Synopsis – Jinta Yadomi is peacefully living as a recluse, spending his days away from school and playing video games at home instead. One hot summer day, his childhood friend, Meiko “Menma” Honma, appears and pesters him to grant a forgotten wish. He pays her no mind, which annoys her, but he doesn’t really care. After all, Menma already died years ago.

At first, Jinta thinks that he is merely hallucinating due to the summer heat, but he is later on convinced that what he sees truly is the ghost of Menma. Jinta and his group of childhood friends grew apart after her untimely death, but they are drawn together once more as they try to lay Menma’s spirit to rest. Re-living their pain and guilt, will they be able to find the strength to help not only Menma move on—but themselves as well?

Similarity – AnoHana has more in common with the heavier aspects of Kokoro Connect, primarily personal issues and how these strain friendships. While Kokoro Connect might be how a group of friends can fall apart, AnoHana starts with estranged friends after the damage is already done. A visitor tries to change that, though reconciliation can be a difficult journey.

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2. KiznaiverSynopsis – Katsuhira Agata is a quiet and reserved teenage boy whose sense of pain has all but vanished. His friend, Chidori Takashiro, can only faintly remember the days before Katsuhira had undergone this profound change. Now, his muffled and complacent demeanor make Katsuhira a constant target for bullies, who exploit him for egregious sums of money. But their fists only just manage to make him blink, as even emotions are far from his grasp.

However, one-day Katsuhira, Chidori, and four other teenagers are abducted and forced to join the Kizuna System as official “Kiznaivers.” Those taking part are connected through pain: if one member is injured, the others will feel an equal amount of agony. These individuals must become the lab rats and scapegoats of an incomplete system designed with world peace in mind. With their fates literally intertwined, the Kiznaivers must expose their true selves to each other, or risk failing much more than just the Kizuna System.

Similarity – All of the characters of both series are brought together through events none had asked for. They are tasked with understanding each others pains both emotionally and physically. A seemingly usual day like none other will soon spiral into a chaotic array of self-discovery, growth of interpersonal relationships, and unwanted thoughts are brought to the surface. Unconscious decisions are suddenly questioned and naïve ones could prove fatal.

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1. Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches

Synopsis – When Ryuu Yamada entered high school, he wanted to turn over a new leaf and lead a productive school life. That’s why he chose to attend Suzaku High, where no one would know of his violent delinquent reputation. However, much to Ryuu’s dismay, he is soon bored; now a second year, Ryuu has reverted to his old ways—lazy with abysmal grades and always getting into fights.

One day, back from yet another office visit, Ryuu encounters Urara Shiraishi, a beautiful honors student. A misstep causes them both to tumble down the stairs, ending in an accidental kiss! The pair discover they can switch bodies with a kiss: an ability which will prove to be both convenient and troublesome.

Learning of their new power, Toranosuke Miyamura, a student council officer and the single member of the Supernatural Studies Club, recruits them for the club. Soon joined by Miyabi Itou, an eccentric interested in all things supernatural, the group unearths the legend of the Seven Witches of Suzaku High, seven female students who have obtained different powers activated by a kiss. The Supernatural Studies Club embarks on its first quest: to find the identities of all the witches.

Similarity – Both series plot includes a group of individuals that have their consciousness/body swapped. Kokoro Connect Is a rather more dramatic series that revolves around relationships and the “Painful scars hidden within their hearts.” Both contain comedy but Kokoro connect is more dramatic based. If you enjoyed Kokoro You will enjoy Yamada. If you’ve Just finished Yamada and want something in similar taste and plot Kokoro Is you go to anime.

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