Hey, guys hope you are having an amazing day. Here are my favorite picks for 10 Similar Anime Like Accel World. This list is made by my personal opinion and If there’s a particular anime that you feel deserves to be on this list, leave us a comment and we’ll add it to the list. Also, keep in mind the list is in no particular order. Enjoy!

10 Anime Like Accel World

10. Summer Wars
9. Black Rock Shooter
8. Unbreakable Machine-Doll
7. selector infected WIXOSS
6. Btooom!
5. No Game No Life
4. Log Horizon
3. Guilty Crown
2. C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control
1. Sword Art Online

10. Summer Wars

Synopsis – OZ, a virtual world connected to the internet, has become extremely popular worldwide as a spot for people to engage in a large variety of activities, such as playing sports or shopping, through avatars created and customized by the user. OZ also possesses a near impenetrable security due to its strong encryption, ensuring that any personal data transmitted through the networks will be kept safe in order to protect those who use it. Because of its convenient applications, the majority of society has become highly dependent on the simulated reality, even going as far as entrusting the system with bringing back the unmanned asteroid explorer, Arawashi.

Kenji Koiso is a 17-year-old math genius and part-time OZ moderator who is invited by his crush Natsuki Shinohara on a summer trip. But unbeknownst to him, this adventure requires him to act as her fiancé. Shortly after arriving at Natsuki’s family’s estate, which is preparing for her great-grandmother’s 90th birthday, he receives a strange, coded message on his cell phone from an unknown sender who challenges him to solve it. Kenji is able to crack the code, but little does he know that his math expertise has just put Earth in great danger.

Similarity –Both anime contains sci-fi themes involving the virtual world as well as elements of comedy, action, and romance.
Both anime presents a game like setting where avatars are present inside and involved in conflicts. Additionally, the main protagonist forms a bond with the female protagonist.
Also, there is a mysterious atmosphere like feeling that goes beyond the walls of the virtual world and the real world.

9. Black Rock Shooter

Synopsis – On the first day of junior high school, Mato Kuroi happens to run into Yomi Takanashi, a shy, withdrawn girl whom she immediately takes an interest in. Mato tries her best to make conversation with Yomi, wanting to befriend her. At first, she is avoided, but the ice breaks when Yomi happens to notice a decorative blue bird attached to Mato’s phone, which is from the book “Li’l Birds At Play.” Discovering they have a common interest, the two form a strong friendship.

In an alternate universe, the young girls exist as parallel beings, Mato as Black★Rock Shooter, and Yomi as Dead Master. Somehow, what happens in one world seems to have an effect on the other, and unaware of this fact, the girls unknowingly become entangled by the threads of fate.

Similarity – The “other world” is a dark Gothic place filled with only a few places of light and bright colors. The “avatars” are other selves representing what one wants to throw away based on their human desires and scars. There is also a lot of action and the characters are in themselves interesting.

8. Unbreakable Machine-Doll

Machine Doll wa Kizutsukanai (Unbreakable Machine-Doll)Synopsis- The Walpurgis Royal Academy of Machinart was founded alongside the development of “Machinart,” machine magic capable of giving life and intelligence to mechanical dolls subsequently called as “automaton.” Its aim: train skilled puppeteers to control the automatons, as militaries across the globe have begun incorporating Machinart into their armies.

After miserably failing the academy’s entrance exams, Raishin Akabane and his humanoid automaton Yaya must defeat one of the top one hundred students to earn the right to take part in the Evening Party, a fight for supremacy between puppeteers using their automatons. The last one standing is bestowed the title of “Wiseman” and granted access to the powerful forbidden arts.

Thus, Raishin challenges Charlotte Belew and her automaton Sigmund to a duel, but before they even begin, Sigmund is attacked by other students. After saving his opponents from their assaulters, Raishin cancels the duel but is forced to search for a new way to gain access to the Party. Driven by the tragedies of his past, Raishin fights alongside Yaya to rise to the top and claim the title of Wiseman.

Similarity – While their world settings are different, both Accel World and Machine-Doll wa Kizutsukanai (Unbreakable Machine-Doll) involves with technology that contains main mysteries.
Both series’ main female protagonist is capable of fighting in their perspective worlds and also seems to have an affection towards their partner/friend. There is drama, comedy, and romance involved although the responses the main protagonist delivers to their female friend/companion greatly contrasts with each other.
Both series also takes place at a school life setting where students learn more than just general academics.

7. selector infected WIXOSS

Selector Infected WIXOSSSynopsis – Things are not always what they seem. This is especially true for Ruuko Kominato, when she receives a deck of cards for the popular card game WIXOSS, only to find a girl trapped inside her LRIG, or avatar card. Upon meeting others in the same situation, Ruuko discovers that she has now become a “Selector,” a player in a special version of WIXOSS where girls can battle each other for a chance to have their deepest desires come true. However, there is a catch. In contrast to the glory that awaits them after their victories, there is a cruel fate: if they lose three times, their lives will be destroyed.

In an ominous game filled with lies and deceit, Ruuko and her newfound friends must uncover the secrets behind WIXOSS and realize what is truly most important to them before it is too late.

Similarity – Both anime feature battles that take place in an “alternate reality” that only a select few know about.
People are required to partake and win battles for prizes and to “stay in the game”.
If you end up “out of the game” due to losses, you lose all memories related to the game.
Within both anime, feature the main character being thrown into battle before knowing what’s going on, and people who try to abuse that early on in the story.
Selector is a darker and more psychological type of story, whereas Accel World is more of a hero fighting and becoming stronger.

6. Btooom!

Synopsis – Ryouta Sakamoto is unemployed and lives with his mother, his only real achievement being that he is Japan’s top player of the popular online video game, “Btooom!” However, his peaceful life is about to change when he finds himself stranded on an island in the middle of nowhere, with a small, green crystal embedded in his left hand and no memory of how he got there. To his shock, someone has decided to recreate the game he is so fond of in real life, with the stakes being life or death.

Armed with a bag full of unique bombs known as “BIM,” the players are tasked with killing seven of their fellow participants to obtain their green crystals, used as proof of their victory, in order to return home. Initially condemning any form of violence, Ryouta is forced to fight when he realizes that many of the other players are not as welcoming as they may seem. Teaming up with Himiko, a fellow Btooom! player who turns out to be his in-game wife, they attempt to get off of the island together, slowly coming closer and closer to the truth behind this contest of death.

Similarity – Both are surprisingly violent for their childish concept
Both have main characters that, despite being outcasts in the real world, are very useful when they are forced to use their knowledge of the video game they play
Teams are formed within the players of this game, to help defeat a common enemy
The main character meets a girl that he knew before he was transported to the new world/island

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5. No Game No Life

no game no life
Synopsis –No Game No Life is a surreal comedy that follows Sora and Shiro, shut-in NEET siblings and the online gamer duo behind the legendary username “Blank.” They view the real world as just another lousy game; however, a strange e-mail challenging them to a chess match changes everything—the brother and sister are plunged into an otherworldly realm where they meet Tet, the God of Games.

The mysterious god welcomes Sora and Shiro to Disboard, a world where all forms of conflict—from petty squabbles to the fate of whole countries—are settled not through war, but by way of high-stake games. This system works thanks to a fundamental rule wherein each party must wager something they deem to be of equal value to the other party’s wager. In this strange land where the very idea of humanity is reduced to child’s play, the indifferent genius gamer duo of Sora and Shiro have finally found a real reason to keep playing games: to unite the sixteen races of Disboard, defeat Tet, and become the gods of this new, gaming-is-everything world.

Similarity – Both of these anime involve the main characters benefiting from games, however if you were watching Accel World and were getting tired of Haru being considered a great gamer, then try out this little gem. Sora and Shiro get thrown into all sorts of games and always show what it means to be a badass gamer. Similar to Haru, they are both outcasts, but they are definitely not losers. Their games are in my opinion, much more satisfying.

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4. Log Horizon

log horizon
Synopsis – In the blink of an eye, thirty thousand bewildered Japanese gamers are whisked from their everyday lives into the world of the popular MMORPG, Elder Tale, after the game’s latest update—unable to log out. Among them is the socially awkward college student Shiroe, whose confusion and shock lasts only a moment as, a veteran of the game, he immediately sets out to explore the limits of his new reality.

Shiroe must learn to live in this new world, leading others and negotiating with the NPC “natives” in order to bring stability to the virtual city of Akihabara. He is joined by his unfortunate friend Naotsugu, having logged in for the first time in years only to find himself trapped, and Akatsuki, a petite but fierce assassin who labels Shiroe as her master. A tale of fantasy, adventure, and politics, Log Horizon explores the elements of gaming through the eyes of a master strategist who attempts to make the best of a puzzling situation.

Similarity – Accel World and Log Horizon takes place in a virtual realm where there are fantasy elements such as avatars and weapons to be utilized for combat. The main male protagonist becomes part of that world along with other characters.
There are combat scenarios that rely on strategy both mentally and physically. The battles themselves are presented in a shounen-like way with quick movements, thinking, and brutality. Surprisingly enough, both series’ OST has a catchy tone that matches the battle phases of duels/conquests.
There is also comedy with a dose of cuteness involving some of the characters and their interactions.

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3. Guilty Crown

Guilty Crown
Synopsis – Japan, 2039. Ten years after the outbreak of the “Apocalypse Virus,” an event solemnly regarded as “Lost Christmas,” the once proud nation has fallen under the rule of the GHQ, an independent military force dedicated to restoring order. Funeral Parlor, a guerilla group led by the infamous Gai Tsutsugami, act as freedom fighters, offering the only resistance to GHQ’s cruel despotism.

Inori Yuzuriha, a key member of Funeral Parlor, runs into the weak and unsociable Shuu Ouma during a crucial operation, which results in him obtaining the “Power of Kings”—an ability which allows the wielder to draw out the manifestations of an individual’s personality, or “voids.” Now an unwilling participant in the struggle against GHQ, Shuu must learn to control his newfound power if he is to help take back Japan once and for all.

Guilty Crown follows the action-packed story of a young high school student who is dragged into a war, possessing an ability that will help him uncover the secrets of the GHQ, Funeral Parlor, and Lost Christmas. However, he will soon learn that the truth comes at a far greater price than he could have ever imagined.

Similarity –Both series contain that Sci-fi theme involving battle. Guilty Crown, the only thing that I know from this anime is all about character which Yuki Kaji’s specialty: a nerd/solitary/loser person, but smart (Shu and Haruyuki). But his life changed after he met with a popular girl (Inori and Kuroyukihime), so he also caught up in the problems experienced by the girl itself.

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2. C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control

Synopsis – Money is power, and without it, life is meaningless. In a country whose economy is in shambles, second-year Economics university student Kimimaro Yoga understands this fact all too well, as he is surrounded by the relatively luxurious lives of his peers and struggling to make ends meet. However, his world is turned on its head when a stranger in a top hat arrives one late night at his door.

Going by the name Masakaki, the visitor petitions Yoga to come to the Eastern Financial District, a place where money flows in abundance if one offers their “future” as collateral. Although reluctant, greed triumphs reason and Yoga accepts the offer; thus, taking on the mantle of an “Entre.” But unbeknownst to him, the land of wealth he has entered is an alternate realm built in the likeness of his own, where Entres are forced to participate in weekly duels called “Deals,” with their collateral at stake. Pitted against his countrymen and fate, Yoga must quickly adapt in this new world if he hopes to protect his fortune and future—and discover just how much money is truly worth.

Similarity – The main characters are offered a way to change their life, possibly in a better way. After being thrown into an alter world in which they battle for power, they form teams in order to survive. In C the characters battle for more money, while in Accel World they battle for burst points. Each battle won enables them to an upgrade of sorts, in C they upgrade to better ATM cards and in Accel World they level up. If you liked watching one of them you won’t regret trying out the other.

1. Sword Art Online

Sword Art OnlineSynopsis – The players of a virtual reality MMORPG, Sword Art Online, are trapped and fighting for their very lives. After it is announced that the only way to leave the game is by beating it, Kirito—a very powerful swordsman—and his friends take on a quest to free all the minds trapped in Aincrad.

Similarity – Both have a virtual video game that is released to the public with the question of why the game was made. In both series the main character has an unique ability that special in the game where they or only a few have that ability. Both character team up with a female character that is a strong player in the game. Plus both series were created by Kawahara Reki

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